Wearing Green with Neutrals

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Wearing green as a woman over 60

Wearing Green with Neutrals

Quote of the day: “You only live once? False. You live everyday. You only die once.” Anonymous

I saw this quote on Christie’s blog recently and thought it was very apropos. My perspective about this at least in the fashion sense, is you have a chance everyday to wear your personality with your clothes. And try out different styles and colors.

Wearing green with white jeans

Since March is know for green for St. Patrick’s day, we are showcasing ideas to have fun with wearing green. Even if you’re not a huge fan of green, there are many varieties like Nancy’s dark, olive green jacket. You could also wear your green with another color, with other shades of green, or see how we compare with different greens all together.

If you missed the announcement last week, I’m experimenting with a different format for the blog so the posts can be shorter, and hopefully easier to read. Today I’ll be showcasing Nancy wearing green with neutrals. For her neutral, she chose her to wear her white jeans.


Jeans: Chicos ~~Jacket: Alfani~~Top: Talbots ~~ Shoes: Blowfish~~Necklace: bought at Cider Days~~Earrings: ~~Purse: c/o Zaful

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Wearing green for St. Pat's Day

Nancy’s Thoughts on Wearing Green

Nancy admit that she doesn’t have much green in her closet. She has more now than she used to have. But even when she was teaching she had trouble finding green to wear on St. Patrick’s Day. And you know when you are teaching first graders you had better be wearing some green or else you’ll get pinched.

For some reason, she said it’s not a color that she’s attracted to for her clothes. Although now that she has a couple of pieces of olive green and sage green, she’s finding they seem to pair well with neutrals.

Wearing green with a statement necklace


This wonderful dragonfly necklace, Nancy just bought when we went to Lakewood’s Cider Days. You can see some of the fun we had at this event in our distressed post last fall. All three of us stopped and shopped at this booth at the festival. It was a local woman selling things she had made or collected. And the best part is the items were inexpensive. Not that you could tell, but this necklace was under $30. I think it’s a great statement piece and would stand out great on any solid top.

As for the purse, it’s been a wonderful addition to Nancy’s closet from over 2 years ago. It’s from one of those online stores, Zaful, that you think of more for the younger girls. But it’s not always bad to check out some of their deals. All three of us received purses from them, and we still have them. I can’t say I’ve ever spend a lot of money on a purse, so I can’t speak to high quality for my bags. But these have lasted well, and been fun to carry.

Wearing green with camo sneakers

Olive Green Jacket

One of Nancy’s friends was getting rid of this jacket, and gave it to her because she thought it’d be great for the blog. And wasn’t she so right? It’s the moto style leather jacket. And looks just as good unzipped as it does zipped up.

I feel like I see a ton of black leather jackets everywhere, but it’s nice to have one in a more unique color. And with that cool trim on the sleeve hems, this will definitely be a well loved piece.

Wearing green with an olive green jacket

White Jeans

I feel like a broken record when I express my love for white jeans. The only time I don’t like to wear them is when it’s slushy from the snow outside, because you get that kickback of snow/dirt on them. However, I have found that tucking them into my boots can help with that problem.

This style is from Chicos from many years ago. They are a straight legged version and heavy enough to wear in the winter. For those of you worried about always spilling on your white pieces, my mom is a huge proponent of bleach. It’s not easy to bleach colored items, but white is a piece of cake.


Now let’s all oooh and ahhh over these super fun sneakers that are a camo print. Even if you aren’t a huge camouflage fan, they look more like just olive green sneakers. In fact, Nancy wore these the same day she bought her dragonfly necklace. And you can see them in a little more detail in that post.

The sneaker trend is still going strong, and they aren’t just for working out. Especially the ones that come in prints or different colors. Like leopard print sneakers or even a metallic pair. With these kinds of shoes, you have the comfort, yet still have style too.

Wearing green for the spring


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Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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