Wearing my Green for the Ageless Style Group and Link up

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How to wear green and pink for women over 40

Wearing my Green for the Ageless Style Group and Link up

Wearing green is great for any season, but we do think about it more around March with St. Paddy’s day.

Quote of the day: “If you don’t know where you’re going, you might not get there.” Yogi Berra

This is one of those quotes that really applies to me. Why? Because I’m not one to really make goals when I start something. I just start it because I like it. That being said, I think this blogging journey has introduced me to my inner child.

I would never have bought a sweatshirt like this before blogging. I wanted to be thought of as a serious and responsible dentist. Yet now that I’m retired, I feel like a whole different world has opened up to me. Not that I’m irresponsible now, but I am having fun with more creative styles.

How to wear green and pink

The theme of wearing green was the idea for our Ageless Style group by Jonet. Of course with St. Patrick’s day right around the corner, it’s a great idea to search your closet for some green. There are many shades, and many different combinations of how to wear it.

If you haven’t been reading for the last couple of weeks, I’m trying out a new format for the blog to make the posts shorter. Charlotte, Nancy and I each get an individual day to showcase our outfits and then all three us of will be featured together on another day of week.  You can see how green paired with a neutral so well. Along with trying out many shades of green. Then again, it can be nice to see how all of us interpreted green differently in one post.

Jeans: Cabi-thrifted~~Sweater: Arizona Jean Co.~~Boots: Nanette Lepore ~~Earrings: ~~Bracelet: pink one-thrifted. Metal one Mauzies~~Purse: thrifted

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Wearing Green

How to wear green and pink with a fuzzy sweater

Pink & Green

I wanted to showcase green with another color. I feel like I could have gone with so many possibilities because I love color and have so much of it in my closet. However, I chose pink for two reasons.

One, because we’ve styled it on the blog before, and I love showing different versions of the same theme. And two, because I just bought this deer, sequin sweatshirt on a recent trip to JCPenneys. I found it in the kids department and couldn’t resist. It’s exactly when I realized I was channeling my inner child more.

Yet just because it’s whimsical, and super soft shouldn’t mean that an adult woman can’t wear it. It makes me feel young at heart.

Another advantage of getting this from the kid’s department? The sleeves are 3/4 length, so I can show off my fun bracelets.

How to wear green and pink for women over 50


Speaking of bracelets. I have accumulated quite a few in these last couple of years. I could never wear them while I was working as a dentist. For some reason, people frowned upon being hit in the face with them. But now?? I’m taking advantage of being able to wear them. And layer them. And have them on both wrists.

The metal bracelet was my anniversary/Valentine’s gift from my husband. We don’t usually buy each other gifts anymore, but we happened to be at my friends shop and I was showing him how the slider portion can come out, so you can have different ones. He loved it too, so we had Martha make me one.

Since there is enough going on with the design on the sweatshirt especially with the sequins, I held off wearing a necklace. But I thought these rose gold earrings were perfect.

How to wear green and pink and a lime green purse


When I was expounding the great qualities of sock boots with my white boots last week, I was saying how I had another pair. And this is them. My mom gave me a gift card for my birthday, and this is one of the pairs of shoes I purchased. The funny thing is they are described as lilac. I feel like they are more pale pink or almost tan depending on the lighting.

These are a kitten heel and just as comfortable as my white boots. If you’ve been vacillating on the sock boot trend, I would recommend them. They are like leggings for you feet. And it’s not like you have to spend a lot in case you only wear them a couple of seasons. There are low heeled ones and print ones too.

How to wear green and pink for the spring

Wearing Green with Camo Jeans

If you would have told me I’d have a pair of camo jeans 10 years ago, I would have called you crazy. In fact, it’s amazing that all three of us have some form of camo. We’ve styled it on the blog many times;  the last time with black.

The camo shorts I wore in those other posts are the normal muted camo color. These jeans have a brighter hue to them, which is one of the reasons I purchased them. That and the fact that they were under $20.

How to wear green and pink with camo jeans


Another confession is about purses. I never had many when I was working. I mean, heck, it just got stored under your desk all day at work. So it’s not like anyone really saw it. In fact, if you ever look back at our first year or so of photos for the blog, I didn’t have us take photos with them.

But now? Now it’s a different story. I can see how they add such interest or color to an outfit.

I’ve been wanting a bright green purse lately. I just adore how my yellow purse adds a pop of color to almost anything, and I figured the same would be true with a green one. When I saw this lime green bag at the consignment store for under $8, I was sold. It’s small yet big enough for my wallet and essentials.

How to wear green and pink to enjoy St. Pat's day

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

Wearing Green for our Ageless Style Group

Onto the others in our ageless style group. I hope you check out how everyone is wearing green and with what. It’s always so interesting to see everyone’s unique takes on a theme. If you’re a blogger, make sure to join in on the link party.

Our co-host for the month is Eugenia, from The Age of Grace. Eugenia is one of my Forever Fierce sisters who has joined us recently in our Magnificent 8 group. She said that for her green theme goal, she chose the trending monochromatic look.  An online source says, in fashion terms, monochromatic dressing means wearing separates of one color that has different textures and similar shades of that same color for an overall tonal look.

Eugenia always has such informative blog posts either about health or history along with showcasing her wonderful style. Along with the fact, she has a heart of gold. She’s the creative force behind creating a slideshow of all of the original Forever Fierce members on their birthdays.

Make sure to check out her blog and follow along on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Eugenia wearing green

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