A Non-Frumpy Way of Wearing Hose with Open Toe Shoes

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Wearing hose with open-toe shoes can be one of those frumpy things we see on old ladies. My mom will laugh and tell you that she IS an old lady. Yet, as I told her recently, I never see her that way. I still envision her as a stylish, young mother. However, this is one of those topics that could fall under that frumpy category.

Quote of the day: “Don’t wait your turn. Bet on yourself and have the confidence to stand up and say, ‘My time is now.'” Robert F. Smith

I have been asked many times to style outfits with hosiery. While the trend is still bare legs among younger women, I have been seeing more and more fun hosiery and tights. Charlotte almost always wears hosiery and she will tell you more about that below.

Why do I bring this up now? One because during this holiday time is when many of us do get a little fancier. Sandals always seem like the perfect, sexy shoe to combine with fancy outfits. Yet none of us like the idea of freezing because there is nothing on our legs.

We came up with other ideas to show off our sexy sandals and stay warm. Lesley used her signature color, and I added fun tights. Then we also recreated a cold weather look with the same outfits.

Wearing hose with open toe shoes with toeless hosiery
Skirt: Metaphor-thrifted ~~ Jacket: Blair ~~ Top: Mom made it ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o ~~ Hosiery: Hanes ~~ Bracelet: From the Denver Symphony Gift Shop~~ Purse:

Charlotte Wearing Hose with Open Toe Shoes

Gold and black for dress up

I asked Charlotte if she minds wearing hose. If you’ve been around awhile, then you might remember reading that my mom actually prefers wearing hose. She’s been known to wear them in the summer. Especially since she found these toeless tights.

It seems that many women talk about all of the bad points about hose. Yet there are many good reasons to wear them too.

One reader was saying she really needs the compression of the hosiery to help her legs feel better. It’s not much different than the benefits of compression socks (which we’ve blogged about in the past.)

My mom likes them because they keep you warmer, they hide veins and give her a little color. She has hose in every color (I kid you not and Lesley can attest to that since she helped my mom unpack them).

Insider tip: In saying that about the color though, I will suggest trying to get your hose to match your skin color as close as possible. It looks awfully silly to have really tan legs when your face is very pale.
Either that or choose a color that doesn’t look like you’re trying to match. Like bright pink or blue.

Having Fun with the Details

Most of us do stick to one metallic or another. Even though it’s okay to mix silver and gold, unless the piece is made that way, I still find it hard to do. That’s why it can be good to buy a piece that is created with more than one metal color.

This bracelet is one of those easy on/off cuff bracelets. It hinges in the back and opens where the gold and silver come together. It’s no different than the jewelry I showcased with arthritic joints in mind. And if you’re dying to know, my mom bought this at the Denver Symphony gift shop. She is the queen of finding treasures anywhere.

Are you Too Old for Glitter?

Wearing hose with open toe shoes

Of course, the answer to that is No. Yet, Charlotte tends to save her glitter for the holiday times. You’ve seen this jacket when we discussed holiday memories. It was one of those inexpensive finds from a catalog.

Insider tip: My mom added the closure to the front of this jacket. It’s an easy way to add interest to any jacket. These closures come in nylon or metal.

As for the black glitter top under the jacket. My mom made this with the leftover material from a dress. The fabric was mismarked at $0.89 a yard instead of $3.98 a yard. So it was a fabulous deal.

The funny story is when Charlotte was at the Denver Symphony’s Christmas program, she noticed that all of the women of the chorale group’s dresses were the same fabric. Great minds think alike, right?

Wearing Hose with Open Toe Shoes

Gold sandals for snazzy

While many of you might only consider sandals for the summer months, it can also depend on where you live and if you’re adventurous. Trust me, when we were in Denver, the sandals definitely got relegated to the other closet after October.

But now that we are in a much warmer state, I do wear my open toe shoes even in December. I’ll have photo proof in my December highlights post.

This sandal is the Leandra and is available in Black Micro, Silver Sparkle Leather, and Gold Sparkle Leather. One of the best things about it (besides the wonderful tiny pillows to make it very comfortable) is the heel height. It’s 1 3/4 inches tall and the heel has enough width to give you support when walking.

Insider tip: To get away from seeing the seam of your hosiery at your toes, try the toeless version. If you’ve never seen toeless hosiery, this is the type my mom is wearing. To me, this is the way to have the best of both worlds, if you want to be wearing hose with open toe shoes.

Maxi Skirts for Winter?

A summer maxi skirt for the fall weather

My mom purchased this maxi skirt from thredUp, an online secondhand company. Even though it’s a knit material, she tends to wear it more in the winter months. You can see it in one of our past posts in Denver.

Insider tip: If you are thinking about adding in sandals, but need some layering, I always think a maxi skirt is smart. You can always wear pettipants or even workout capris under it for warmth.

Older woman wearing hose with open toe shoes

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

The Facts

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