Wearing Joggers As Part of a Casual Outfit

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Woman over 50 wearing joggers

Wearing Joggers As Part of a Casual Outfit

Wearing joggers is what I consider the modern version of yoga pants. It’s the athleisure item that is casual yet can be dressed up also if styled correctly. Considering we have been at home more than usual lately, my pair is getting worn more than I could have imagined when I first purchased them.

Quote of the day: “Champions keep playing until they get it right.” Billie Jean King

While I didn’t think I really needed joggers for the longest time, I changed my mind after our cruise this winter. I didn’t have many lounge around items, and figured I could figure out how to wear them even out in public. Joggers were a styling theme on the blog in the past; however, the pair I wore in that post are more like jeans.
Therefore, I requested a pair in my third Fashom box, and have been wearing this black pair all winter.

This outfit came about as the idea of how to take a lounge outfit and make it work for a quick trip to the store. You can see how Lesley answered this scenario with her bag of tricks. And Charlotte added a fun cardigan.

At home outfit

Before and After

Most days around the house, I will actually get dressed in real clothes. However there were days in the beginning of the Stay at Home order that I did hang out in lounge wear. This is my version of sweats and a t-shirt. Since I’m always cold, I wear a workout jacket along with slippers.
And my hair? It’s usually a mess thus a baseball cap is the easy fix.

Wearing joggers with cute ballet flats

Joggers: Gilli from my Fashom box ~~ Jacket: The Jacket Maker c/o ~~ Top: thrifted ~~Slippers: ~~ Shoes: Ann Taylor ~~ Hat: Brooklyn Hat Co. c/o~~ Purse: no label

Wearing Joggers to Run and Get Take Out

Since we were running out to get take out, it was truly appropriate to wear my joggers. (See what I did there….haha). I just switched out the workout jacket for my moto jacket, slipped on some ballet flats and changed out my baseball cap. Easy peasy.

Wearing joggers and a blue moto jacket


I think the only time I don’t put on ANY earrings is when I’m sick in bed. Even when we work out, I will put in some cute stud earrings. In my defense, I am my mother’s daughter, and she is the same way.

For these quick outfits, I wouldn’t change my purse. I would just grab it and go. Truthfully, since my purse is sitting by the bureau, I would see it before I grabbed my jacket, so that would be the deciding factor on which jacket to wear. Which is why both my purse and jacket are blue for this outfit.

The hat was gifted to me by Tenth Street hats. I will say my hat collection has grown ten fold since retiring. Many have been purchased, a few gifted and even more thrifted. Since I have been staying away from black, this navy version is a great darker option.

Insider tip: Not all hats are sized to fit your head. You can purchase hat sizing tape or add a tie to keep it on like I did recently.

Wearing Joggers. What Are They?

If you don’t have a pair of joggers, then you might not realize what they are. To me, they get their name if they have the elastic ribbing at the ankle. Lesley has a pair where the elasticized portion is only in the back, and she’s worn them many times on the blog.

Most joggers tend to be a cotton or sweatshirt material; however, that is not always the case. I have seen some in a woven material and even corduroy. Many pair also have an elastic waistband along with a drawstring at the waist. What I love most about this pair I have is the different colored waistband, so it almost looks like I’m wearing a belt.

Insider tip: Wearing joggers usually means the addition of a drawstring. However, most joggers will stay up fine without it. I removed the drawstring so I didn’t have the ties hanging in the way.

Stylish outfit wearing joggers

Custom Made Leather Jacket

I received this jacket from The Jacket Maker. In fact, after I got it, I showcased 5 different ways to wear it from casual to dressy. It’s amazing to me that you could get a custom made, real leather jacket for such a wonderful price like this.

A leather jacket will always be in style, and it’s a wonderful way to add an edgy flair to anything. In fact, if you ever worry about an item being frumpy, I bet your leather jacket would counteract any frump.
BTW, I did sign up to be an affiliate for The Jacket Maker. I have been VERY impressed with it even after wearing it for months.

Insider tip: If you do order a custom sized jacket, it’s meant to fit your measurements. Therefore, if you want a little leeway to wear bulky sweaters under it, it’s good to either pad your numbers or give them this information when you give them your measurements.

Wearing joggers and ballet flats

Leopard Shoes

I bought these shoes over 6 years ago when I was working. It was way before I was comfortable wearing leopard; however, Ann Taylor had an online sale where these shoes were only $20. That’s unheard of for their shoes, so I decided to snag a pair. Needless to say I fell in love with them and haven’t looked back.
Realistically they are actually quite worn, so I often vacillate whether to keep them or not. However, they are one of those pairs that are comfortable and easy, so they never get purged. They may not have the arch support for a day of walking far, but they are comfortable otherwise.

The best part about leopard is how it comes in such a multitude of shades. And they add a bit of wild to any outfit like we’ve showcased before with all styles of leopard shoes.

Running errands wearing joggers
Wearing joggers for a cute look

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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