Wearing Jumpsuits and Going to the Bathroom Issue

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Blue striped pants

Wearing Jumpsuits and Going to the Bathroom Issue

To many the idea of jumpsuits and going to the bathroom issue are synonymous. It’s basically the elephant in the room when you see other women wearing and discussing them.

Quote of the day: “There’s a lot involved in going to the bathroom for women.” Leah Remini

If that quote isn’t true most of the time, I don’t know what is. Even when I’m not wearing a jumpsuit, I feel like I basically have to put myself together again each time.

Not that I think all jumpsuits are bad. Quite the contrary really, and I have some ideas which ones would be the best and tips if you’re wearing them. The reason we even discussed this theme is due to our Ageless style group where I showcased my snakeskin jumpsuit. And before that Nancy wore her burgundy jumpsuit that she has worn for many occasions.

A faux jumpsuit with two pieces

Who is Wearing

Pants: Mom made them~~Top: Style & Co.~~ Shoes: Bally ~~Scarf: Mom made it ~~Necklaces: ~~Earrings: ~~Purse:Kohls

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My Mom’s Feelings about Jumpsuits and Going to the Bathroom

When we were challenged to wear jumpsuits 3 years ago, my mom was not such a happy camper about it. The issue of making it easy about going to the bathroom was front and center in her mind. So while I loved that green jumpsuit on her, she got rid of it.

However, I had that “aha” moment when Lisa showed a different kind of jumpsuit. Let’s just call it a faux jumpsuit. And that’s why I had my mom recreate this with what she had in her closet.

Sure, it may be obvious that this isn’t a real jumpsuit, but I do think it looks just as put together as a one piece. So this solves the issue for Charlotte.

Style for older women

Pants & Matching Belt

My mom made these pants and the matching belt. Because we all know how my mom hates to waste any material. And loves using up the extra fabric into other items. I call it her superpower.

Except this is not really a belt. She made it as a scarf and the gold metal piece is a scarf clip. Yet the scarf makes a perfect belt and ties together the two pieces fabulously. It’s like in my recent YouTube video where I talk about belts. Used correctly a belt can really tie together an outfit.

Jumpsuits and going to the bathroom fix

Layering Necklaces

I just love the idea of layering our necklaces like this. I mean, heck, when you have a ton of them, it’s a great way to put them to good use. Sure, it takes some finagling with the right lengths and colors, but it’s a great way to add interest to a solid colored top.

Let’s talk about the short necklace. Those are pop-it beads. Anyone else remember those? In fact, the remaining pop-it beads are being worn as a bracelet around her wrist.

And the necklace is adjustable in its length by magnets. In fact, the earrings came with it (from Avon, no less) and have an interchangeable piece to make it all silver.

Blue and layered necklace for woman over 80


This blue purse is a well loved one from Kohls. In fact, the handles are starting to pull away from the body of the purse, so it may need to be replaced soon. My mom always takes a trip over to Kohls when she gets her 30% coupon sent to her. Of course, you can always use it when online shopping too, (I think).

I will say, that matching your purse to your outfit like this is the perfect way to hide it or camouflage it. It’s almost like you don’t see the purse because it matches so well.

A scarf made into a belt


I do love how navy is a color that I’m seeing more and more of at the stores. While I’m sure we all love our black shoes, it’s nice to have another option. In fact, I think black shoes in this case might look a little heavy for this outfit.

Blue, blue and more blue

My Mom’s History with Jumpsuits

While my mom isn’t a huge fan of jumpsuits right now, that doesn’t mean she has always been that way. She remembers making a dark green and black abstract print jumpsuit back in the 1970’s.

And even 20 years ago she made a jumpsuit that was almost like this faux one. She still has the more recent one. It’s solid black on top, and a black & white print for the pants. And she usually wears a black and white scarf as a belt.

Why didn’t I have my mom wear that jumpsuit for our theme this week? Well, one, black is not a good color with my mom’s light complexion. And two, I really thought this faux jumpsuit idea might appeal to many of you too.

Blue jumpsuit and going to the bathroom

What do you think? I bet we could all put together a faux jumpsuit if we spend some time in our closets experimenting.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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