Wearing our Black and White for Spring While Touring at Ft. Logan

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Black and White for spring for women over 40

Wearing our Black and White for Spring While Touring at Ft. Logan

Quote of the day: ” The successful man will profit from his mistakes and try again in a different way.” Dale Carnegie

Perfect quote for a style post. Because styling clothing is not all about getting it perfect every time. It’s about trying out different combinations and having fun. Well, at least in my world.

So with this post featuring all of us, I thought I’d not only include a recap of these outfits, an insight into where we took the photos, but also some examples of black and white from our previous outfits on the blog.

Black and white for spring with different combinations

Black and White for Spring

If you’ve been following along all week, then you already know the details about the above outfits.

All three of these black and white blouses I purchased at Goodwill with an idea for the blog. Needless to say that idea morphed into making this classic color combination work for spring.

I knew we were going to tour this historic place for these photos. So that’s how the idea of black and white came about. An historic house wearing a classic color combination.

Jodie’s History with black and white and print mixing

I added florals as another print to my blouse in our individual post. That’s the easy part. The print mixing is still a challenge yet I’m having more fun with it over the years. It’s like anything. The more you do, the easier it becomes.

And while for some people it’s too much print in one outfit, it can be a fun way to change up your wardrobe. Here are some other examples from past posts.

The first photo is was taken from the post about wearing black in the summer. I used my scarf as an accessory to make the outfit seem lighter and brighter for summer. And while both the scarf and top are prints of totally different colors, I like how they compliment each other.

The second photo is a post about using stripes with print mixing. I was never a huge lover of stripes until I started blogging, and decided to work on wearing two prints at once. For some reason, stripes seem to be the print of choice for many of these 2 print outfits.

The last photo is one from taking a classic outfit and making it more modern. I showed this same skirt paired with a white top and then switched it up with stripes. Granted these stripes are really navy, but close enough.

Nancy’s History with black and white and brights

I asked Nancy to add a bright color to her blouse in her individual post. We always give Nancy a hard time that she wears a lot of black and white, so she’s been trying hard to incorporate more color.

The bright colors are easy for her and look good with her complexion.

The first photo is from our animal prints post when we tried to dress up the print. It seems like animal prints have been going strong for awhile now, and this is proof. I’m sure part of the draw is most animal prints are neutrals.

The second photo is from a post that is about adding a pop of color to black and white. You can see that red is a great combination with black and white any time of year. And even though it’s the same color combination as today’s outfit, the elements are so different.

The third photo is from another post about adding brights to black and white. I’d like to point out the fabulous print mixing in this outfit. Not only the scarf and sweater but also the shoes. If Nancy can do this, then so can you.

Charlotte’s History with black and white and pastels

Since my mom’s complexion is one that looks good with pastels, I had her go that route for our individual post. Granted her black and white blouse was really cream this time, but all of these others are more white.

The first photo is from the theme of wearing animal prints. Yes, she made this leopard print vest ages ago. And paired it with a light blue sweater and print scarf. See? Even my mom is embracing print mixing now.

The second photo is an example from black and white with pastels. Even though it’s the same color combination as the first photo, it’s really quite a different outfit.

The third photo is about adding a print to lime green. Now you could argue that this lime green isn’t truly a pastel. But you get the idea.

Historic Officer’s Quarter at Ft. Logan

Our adventure for the day, was a tour of the officer’s quarters at Ft. Logan here in Denver, Colorado. My mom had toured the place last month with a group of women, and suggested it for the four of us.

Granted if you don’t live here, this may not be of interest to you. Yet, it could be an interesting thought to google “historic house tours near me.”

Black and White for spring in Denver

This place is more than just a restored home. It’s a history of Colorado that I never knew about before. In fact, President Eisenhower stayed at the house next door while he was a major in the army.

The architectural details along with some of the donated items from the time period are always so amazing.

Just a few interesting facts if you’re interested. It’s called Ft. Logan after Union General Logan who is the person responsible for establishing Memorial Day.

We did laugh that this military post was situated 10 miles outside Denver for a reason. The reason? Because of soldier’s shenanigans. Funny how some things never change.

This area is now home to a large array of mental health centers and offices. Except for this house and a cemetery nearby.

Black and white for spring from the back view

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

The Facts

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