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Wearing Pants to a Wedding: Looking Fresh and Amazing

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There are many factors that make wearing pants to a wedding appear fresh and amazing. Since a wedding is an uplifting celebration, it’s nice to see light and bright colors as well as fancier clothing items.

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Quote of the day: “I strive to be a skeptic, in the best sense of the word: I question everything, and yet I’m open to anything.” Amy Tan

We are continuing the idea that pants can be worn for any occasion. Lesley showcased a recreation of a look that she wore to her husband’s celebration of life.
Today Charlotte will give an example of wearing pants to a wedding, and she’s not even falling back on the basic black pants.
There are other options for wearing pants to formal events shown by Cathie and myself.

The quote above hit me hard because we have certain ideas in our heads which can make us judgemental about other options. For example, the idea of wearing pants to a wedding.
We styled this same idea many, many years ago and I remember my mother scoffing at the idea. Yet now that she’s older and living in her retirement community, pants are a way of life.

Woman over 80 wearing pants to a wedding

Pants: Monkey Wear-thrifted from Horizon~~ Top: Impressions-Macys~~ Boots: Hillard & Hanson~~ Earrings: gifted by friend~~ Purse: Amanda Smith-thrifted

Is Wearing Pants to a Wedding Appropriate?

I would say without question yes. The goal is to look nice and respectful for a happy event, and anyone can be wearing pants to a wedding and still look fresh and amazing.

Here are a couple of tricks that can help:
1-Pick pants that are shiny or have different textures.
2-Some print pants are perfect like floral or jacquard.
3-Include a nicer top than just a t-shirt or knit top.
4-Make sure you add accessories like your pearl necklace or dangling earrings.
5-Shoes!! We all know that shoes can make or break an outfit. Even if you don’t wear heels, make sure those shoes say “let’s party.”

What Kinds of Pants Should You Wear

Of course, the wedding venue and time of day make the difference in what attire you should be wearing, but let’s hypothetically say this is a church wedding for day or evening.

Let’s start with what pants you shouldn’t wear:
1-No distressed jeans. I would even say no jeans, but some of the dark denim in the trouser style could probably sneak in unnoticed.
2-Leave the sweats or joggers at home.
3-Khaki or cargo pants wouldn’t be my first choice.

Now this leaves a lot of options that you could choose to wear for the event. I would even say that some capris and shorts could be appropriate.
I think the material and the silhouette of the item along with what you pair it with can make a world of difference.
Of course, your classic black pants could make the cut, but I think we can all be more creative than that.

For example in Charlotte’s look, she is wearing a pair of floral ankle pants that are a rayon material. She’s worn these same pants with a knit top for a more casual look in this Instagram post.

Insider tip: If you are at a loss for these kinds of pants, you might want to check your pajama drawer. Seriously, some PJ bottoms could be dressed up fabulously.

Wearing pants to a wedding in the spring or summer

Now You Need a Top or Blouse

When my mom first sent over the selfie for this idea of wearing pants to a wedding, she had on the same dark, burgundy top that was showcased in an Instagram post. While a bunch of beautiful necklaces, scarves, or other additions could definitely have made it fine, I wanted something lighter and brighter.

That’s where this bright pink, silky blouse came to the rescue. I realize that when you retire, you think you will be living a more casual lifestyle and won’t need your professional wear. Yet, there are many events and occasions that will pop up through the years that need these dressier items.

Insider detail: Notice that there is no bright pink color in the floral pants. Yet because there is light pink and burgundy, grabbing another shade of those colors still makes it look cohesive. You do NOT always have to match the colors in a print.
In fact, once you start learning to pair other colors with your print pieces, you will find your closet is exponentially bigger.

That’s exactly why we talked about how to casualize your professional clothing when you retire instead of purging everything. You CAN wear the dressier items for casual days, but then you also have them for these special events too.

How to Wear a Silky Blouse

It’s not just about which clothes to wear, but also how to wear them. Sometimes you put something on and it just hangs there and doesn’t look right.
That was the case with this bright pink blouse.

At first, my mom tried to tuck it into the pants because it seemed so unfinished just hanging out by itself.
Yet when it was tucked in, my mom said she looked like a stuffed sausage (her words, not mine). We all know that feeling, right?

So I had her untuck it again and add one of her metal belts. These chain belts may not be on your radar of spring trends for 2022, but they can fill a void in many outfits.
BTW, I see many of these types of belts at secondhand stores. They are fun to layer also so maybe you need more than one?

Insider tip: Just because an accessory or clothing item isn’t trendy, doesn’t mean you should automatically throw it out. Your outfit is not about the O.N.E. thing, but how the pieces add up to a glorious look.

Accessorizing a Wedding Outfit

This is the perfect time to pull out that pearl necklace or the fancier jewelry that you are always saving for a special event. The special event is here!!

Even though my mom didn’t wear her pearl necklace, the gold link earrings and stacked bracelets give off the wedding vibe as fresh and beautiful.

The purse is also a huge factor in the overall look. Many times we think of a clutch as the perfect purse for a wedding, but if you prefer something with straps, there are many that can work.
For instance, Charlotte’s purse is satin, which fits in wonderfully to compliment the look.

Floral pants with ankle boots
Ivory ankle boots

Which Shoes to Complete The Wedding Guest Look?

Charlotte chose these ivory ankle boots to fill in the space from the cropped pants. If you worry that ankle boots cut off your leg line, then wearing them with pants is the perfect solution. Especially with cropped pants so you can see the entire boot.
That and having a pair of boots or shoes that blends into your leg color is also essential.

Insider tip: Even though I don’t subscribe to the theory that you need your legs to look longer, having shoes/boots that match our skin tone is a great option when you can’t figure out what color to wear with any of your pants or dresses.
Notice I didn’t say nude because each of our skin tones is individual. For some of us a light pink would work, whereas, for others, camel color is perfect.

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Even if you don’t wear heels at this time of your life, there are many sandals and flats that would be perfect as part of wearing pants to a wedding.

Insider tip: Don’t think that dressy shoes can’t be worn for casual too. Make sure to pair them with jeans every once in a while.

And if your flats are too flat, remember there are insoles that can help. I love my Soul Insoles for sandals or dressy flats.

Bright pink for a summer wedding

Other options for what to wear to a wedding:
1-Spring outdoor wedding
2-A spring wedding dress changed up 3 ways
3-Daytime spring wedding
4-Summer evening wedding

Wearing pants to a wedding

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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