Wearing Red Boots with Leggings

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Red vest with leggings

Wearing Red Boots with Leggings

Wearing red boots is the best way to add a little life to any outfit. The first time I saw Lesley sporting these tall red boots was when we attended a holiday light show. You can see them in one of the photos from our holiday edition of Where Blogger’s Live.

Quote of the day: “If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.” Dolly Parton

I was thrilled to know that Lesley had these red boots!! She will tell you that her style is more conservative than mine, yet seeing her wearing these made my heart do a happy dance. Why? Because I think we all need more than just black and brown boots in our closet.

Don’t let age be a factor when you are looking at more interesting and colorful pieces. As Charlotte just showcased, red boots are for every age. And I used red accessories to pull the look together.

Wearing red boots as an Annie Hall look

Leggings: Suavie ~~ Vest:no label ~~ Top: Chicos ~~ Boots: no label~~ Scarf: ~~ Hat: from SteinMart ~~ Purse: no label

Red and gold scarf

Wearing Red Boots with a Red Vest

Let’s think about the easiest way to put these boots to use. Like my mom has shown, you can always match them to your pants. Then again, if you have a red top, vest or sweater, that other red item will carry the color throughout the outfit to look intentional.
This was the idea behind the post where my mom spruced up her red sweater outfit. And now Lesley is doing that with her long sweater vest.

Insider tip: I think vests are underappreciated. This season where it’s finally warming up is the best time to pull them out. Remember they can layer over coats and blazers in addition to tops and sweaters.

Another outfit where Lesley wore these same boots is with a red sweater here or with a midi skirt here. It’s proof that your red boots can be very versatile.

Those Extras Add the Personality

Lesley certainly is the queen of scarves. She not only has many in her closet but she wears them too. You can see how different this scarf looks depending on how it’s worn from a previous post.
In fact, this scarf is her first ever piece of animal print. Animal print was something she didn’t like for the longest time. Yet, she’s evolved and has been known to wear all kinds of different animal prints now including a blue leopard scarf and a ruffle leopard skirt.

Insider tip: Lesley’s tips for finding scarves that are inexpensive is to check the second hand store. If you don’t enjoy preloved pieces, then keep your eye out for great sales. For example, this navy print one and this white floral one are both on sale. Heck, I’ve even seen very inexpensive scarves at Walgreens.

Let’s Talk More Leggings

Just like Lesley showed you two weeks ago, leggings work wonderfully for a casual day out and about. Leggings have gotten a bad rap when you hear that they aren’t “pants”. Yet, I think for us older women, we realize that a longer top is the best addition to leggings.

Lesley’s leggings are actually a brown color. Most of us tend to pair red with black, yet brown is a neutral that looks great with red also.

Insider tip: Just like vests tend to be the under dog, I think the color brown gets pushed to the side too much. If you don’t think about brown much, then let me remind you that we have shown how fabulous brown looks with pink, red and navy. All of those were because of a suggestion by a reader.

Older woman wearing red boots

What Does Wearing Red Boots Really Mean

As I swipe through Facebook, there are many complaints I read from the women my age. Many are about being invisible and advice to be more bold. If you really think about those “fashion rules” that we grew up with and continue to read and follow, most of them are about blending in, being appropriate and making sure we look “er”. (What is “er”? You know, taller, thinner, or some version of what we aren’t.)

While there is a time and place for blending in, I also think we are at an age where we should stand out and have fun. Have you seen anything at the store and thought, “I certainly can’t wear that because I am over __ years old?” Instead of thinking that, I propose you should buy those pieces that make you do a happy dance. And if you’re not entirely sure, email me, and I’ll enable you.

Insider tip: Do you know about Iris Apfel? While her style could be called a little crazy, I have to admit that I love her attitude. In her documentary Ms. Apfel showed us that looking pretty shouldn’t be the ultimate goal — looking like you have character, however, arguably should be.

Red boots and brown purse

Funny Story

If you’re like us, we tend to style things in our head as the first step. Lesley told me that when she looked in the mirror after putting this on, she realized it was an Annie Hall look from the late 70’s.
As she thought about that, she credits that movie as the move to more casual dressing for her generation without the grunge of the early 70’s hippie look.
Lesley admits to wearing the trend a couple of times, do you?

Red swing vest

Let’s Talk Shoes

Even Lesley remembers having a pair of red shoes back when she was in high school. She had a black pair of ballet flats, a pair of keds and red shoes!! The habit didn’t stop there. Even when Lesley was a mom, she remembers having dinner suits to go out to eat, and the pair of shoes she wore with the tan dinner suit was a dark red pair of heels.

I just think it’s so interesting how we remember the red and colorful shoes more than our basics!! Even if we don’t wear them quite as much. Which makes me think we need to buy more of the fun shoes.

Wearing red boots with leggings

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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