Wearing Spring Colors Even When it’s Cold Outside

Wearing spring colors with pressed rose

Wearing Spring Colors Even When it’s Cold Outside

Quote of the day: ” The stars are a given. The constellations we make.” Rebecca Solnit

Why this quote?? Because I think that it relates to color too. Colors are a given. And yet how we combine them can be a great way to transition to a season or just change up our wardrobe.

While we talked about making black and white a little more springy last week, this week we will focus on two of Pantone’s colors for spring. Even if it’s still cold where you live, color is a great way to bring spring into the picture.

Mom may be wearing pressed rose here, but you can also see Nancy in the living coral color. And then I combined both colors together in one outfit. Or check out how we wore these colors in the past.

Wearing spring colors with navy

Charlotte’s Wearing

Pants: Charter Club ~~Sweater: Soft Surroundings c/o~~Shoes: AK-thrifted ~~Scarf: ~~Earrings: ~~Bracelet:~~Purse: Charming Charlies-thrifted

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Mom in her Spring Colors

My mom always looks so lovely in pastel colors, so this version of presssed rose is one of her favorites. If you aren’t a designer, then you probably have no idea about Pantone and their colors each season.

Granted, I only started hearing about this when I started blogging. Yet, we’ve been seeing this pale pink everywhere for the last couple of years. Call it what you want, but it’s one of those colors that is almost like a nude. It will go with everything.

Wearing spring colors with a DIY sweater

DIY Your Own Sweater

My mom saw this photo below in the Buell Theater program and tore it out. It reminded her of the sweater we had been gifted from Soft Surrounding awhile back.

So she decided to try her hand at giving her sweater a lift like the inspiration one. She folded it on the reverse side and sewed the folds by hand.

It’s not the first time she’s DIY’d a shirt to give it more pizzazz and shape. You can see how she added ruching to a knit shirt in the past.

Wearing spring colors as an inspiration


My mom only added the scarf to keep warm this day, but I think it’s a perfect addition for those of you whose complexion isn’t great with this pale pink color.

Scarves can be the perfect trick to adding better colors to your face. Or heck, just adding interest to a solid top.

But if you struggle with keeping them in place, then you might love a magnetic clip. I didn’t link one with the above similar items because I couldn’t find any with that particular affiliate. But you know Amazon has everything. And these magnetic clips are so easy to use.

Safety tip? Make sure to slide the magnetic pieces apart instead of using your teeth to try to get them apart. Just ask mom how she knows this…ha ha!

Wearing spring colors with a knitted scarf


Loafers are something you might already have in your closet. We bought this pair at a local consignment shop. I’m sure you’ve noticed that my mom loves her heels still, but many times for the blog we are walking. So I thought these would be perfect.

While I didn’t include loafers in my spring trend post recently, I have been seeing them more and more.

Wearing spring colors with navy shoes and purse


My mom is not a fan of bare feet in her shoes except sandals. So she has a plethora of hose, tights and socks.

One of her hacks for knowing the difference between navy and black is to put an “N” on the navy ones. If there isn’t a label available, then she will wrap a thick rubber band around them (the kind of rubber band that comes with produce).

The funny thing? We were looking at these tights in the sunlight and think they might even be purple. I guess she’ll have to change the letter on them to “P”. LOL! And yes, she has a couple pairs of purple tights.

Wearing spring colors with navy


I feel like navy is an underappreciated color. Everyone is all about black instead, especially retailers.

Yet navy is just as versatile and seems so perfect for the introduction to spring. Seriously. All of the pastel colors that we think of for spring looks so nice with navy.

Wearing spring colors for women over 80


My mom commented that she’s being held together by magnets in this look. Both the scarf clip and her bracelet are magnets.

This bracelet I just bought my mom when we were in Arizona. I think magnets are great for bracelets especially if you live alone. Who hasn’t struggles trying to get your bracelet fastened by yourself?

Granted my mom has a bracelet helper to assist with this issue. But magnets are SO much easier. However, there are some that end up attaching themselves to the silverware too. The magnetic closure on this bracelet is covered with beads to prevent these accidental events.

Wearing spring colors with sweater and scarf

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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