Wedding Dresses for the Mature Woman (Sponsored)

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Wedding Dresses for the Mature Woman.

Wedding Dresses for the Mature Woman

This post is brought to you by Gem Grace. The content and opinions are definitely mine!

I’m sure we all realize that wedding dresses are not only for the 20 year old females. Whether a woman is getting married later in life for the first time or not, the bride still wants to be beautiful!

Take my picture above for instance from our wedding on Valentine’s Day in 2004. This is my husband, Rob, whom you got to meet in our Borrow from the Boys series this last fall. As I talk about in my blog, I don’t feel like I need to spend a whole lot of money on most of my clothing purchases. And even though a wedding gown is for a special day, it’s also usually only worn once. Thus for my dress in the picture above, I borrowed this dress from Nancy, my step mom and the 60’s model on the blog. It’s the dress she wore to marry my father in 1993 which you can see below!

 Wedding Dresses for the Mature Woman.

Gem Grace

Thus when Gem Grace approached me to post about this topic, I thought I could give some great assessment on the subject.

Many of you already realize that you can buy pretty much anything online nowadays. Even wedding gowns! And you may think that this option is either fabulous or silly! But considering how much time and energy can be used up going from store to store to find the perfect dress, this online wedding dress option, could actually be a time saver!

Now, your definition of what a mature wedding dress looks like could certainly be different from mine. When I was perusing Gem Grace’s site under this topic, there were certainly some that I wouldn’t wear, but that is a fact with any store. Overall I thought there was a fabulous selection of dresses that I would definitely wear!

For example, if you are looking for a long, wedding gown, I thought this one below was stunning. I like that it covers the arms, and doesn’t have too many ruffles or flounces (my personal opinion, of course).

Mermaid V-neck Long-strap Floor-length Wedding Dress Mermaid Long Dress

Of course lace is quite the popular material as part of a wedding dress! Now this dress below is so lovely, and just think of how many times you could wear it, by taking the opportunity to dye it afterwards!!

Elegant Sheath High Neck Knee-length Lace Wedding Dress With Lace Sleeve Sheath with High Neck


One of the many aspects I was impressed with on Gem Grace’s site was not only do you have options for which color you would prefer, like white, ivory, champagne & blushing pink; but, also the dress size can be customized. In addition to being able to select custom sizes, you can basically design your own dress. Check out the examples they have done, here. Now many of you know my mom, Charlotte, the 70’s model on my blog. She’s a professional seamstress, but I’m sure she’d tell you that creating your own dress can be an expensive & time consuming venture. But Gem Grace shows how they can make some of the same designs for a lot less money.

Brown Floral One Shoulder Chiffon Short Bridal Party Dress One Shoulder

The one shoulder dress above is shown as a bridal party dress, but personally, I think it could be a fabulous wedding dress for the woman who doesn’t want a long or frilly dress! Here’s another one like it that doesn’t have the ruffles! And then this tea length dress, below, is very simple yet elegant, I thought!

A-line High Neck Tea-length Chiffon Wedding DressHigh Neck, Tea Length

The fabulous thing about this site is that the wedding dress is custom made for you after you order it. It will take about a month to make it and ship it to you (free shipping), but since you’ve sized it for your own body, you shouldn’t need many alterations. I realize that there is the fact that our body measurements can change over a couple of months. Because of this, the tailors at Gem Grace have reserved additional fabric in the seams to allow for minor modifications.

I hope you’ll keep Gem Grace in mind if you or anyone you know is going to be looking for a wedding dress in the future. They really have an interesting concept! And don’t forget the shoes & handbags!! This site has those too! They have offered my readers a couple of discounts also.

10% OFF for First Order; Code: 232NF
15% OFF for First Order over $199;  Code: 233NF
20% OFF for First Order over $399;  Code: 234NF

And in keeping with the theme of weddings, this week the 3 of us will be styling outfits for winter weddings! Make sure to come back and check them out!

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