Weekend Wear for the Men-Let’s Talk Shoes

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Shoes for Men,

Men’s Footwear. What’s on your Husband’s Feet?

Quote of the Day: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” Thomas A. Edison

I’ve had a couple of requests about styling for men. Thus, since I have a fabulous model, living with me, I thought I’d rope my husband into this fashion blogging thing too! Heck, since I use my mom and stepmom the rest of the time, it’s only fair to include my husband, right? (Beware, pretty soon, I may be incorporating my kitties, LOL)

So I thought maybe I’ll try to do a segment on men’s fashion every once in a while? For you women out there, I’d be interested to know how you feel about this? Do you get any say in your man’s style? Do you shop for him, or give him advice?

As for a little history about Rob’s style, now that you’ve seen him from our Borrow from the Boy’s series, and our wedding photo it’s a funny story. When I first met Rob and we were dating, he hating shopping so much that he broke out in a sweat each time he had to go into a store to shop for clothing. His wardrobe consisted of tan pants, and boring button down shirts! And that was about it—really!!

Luckily, over the years he has learned to respect my fashion opinions and really has developed a good eye now that he’s had a little training. And by training, I mean that he used to watch “What Not To Wear” with me. We have most likely seen every episode (even though sometimes he was actually sleeping through a couple of them–ha ha). If you used to watch this show, then you might remember that they even shanghaied men in their make overs in the beginning! And even when it wasn’t about men, the foundation of fit, color & style is not much different between the sexes.

So I’m going to start out with a very basic outfit, yet one that I consider interesting. And that’s because of the footwear!

Rob’s Outfit: I know I have a shoe addiction. And I realize that not everyone agrees with me. However, I truly think that the footwear can make or break an outfit.

For example consider this outfit. It’s what I’d consider a basic look for a guy. It’s a combination of regular jeans, and a casual button-down shirt. But if Rob was wearing sneakers, I might consider this outfit less put together.

Shoes for Men,

Let’s talk about guy’s shoes for a minute. I’m not sure why, but they are usually more expensive than my shoes! However, we have found many fabulous, inexpensive shoes from both Aldo & DSW. This showcased pair of shoes is from Aldo!

Shoes for Men,

We were going to an open house party this day, so Rob put together a casual look. The jeans are just normal Levis, and the shirt is an inexpensive one from H&M. But it’s the shoes (in my humble opinion) that give this outfit a little flair!

Shoes for Men, men's footwear

I realize most men don’t want to stand out as much with what they are wearing. At least that’s what I hear from them. However, every guy does want to be admired, right? So what better way to start than with their footwear? It’s not like it’s front & center of their outfit, yet the shoes can add such style!

Shoes for Men,

Jeans: Levis (similar here)~~Shirt: H&M (similar here in red)~~Shoes: Aldo (similar here)~~Belt: (similar here)

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I’m the first to admit that men’s footwear may not have the variety that we women have.  But wouldn’t any of these look great on your man?

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