Weekly Wonder #35 -Calendar you “Issues”

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Yes, I changed the name of Monday’s post. What do you think?

Calendar You issues

Calendar You

Let me first credit my step mom, Nancy (the 60’s model in my blog) for this fabulous idea!

We all have some health “issues” that plague us. Do you keep a diary of the symptoms & events around that concern? It’s truly a great idea for many reasons. When I was working as a dentist, many times patients would say, “this tooth has been hurting for awhile.” And then I’d ask among other things, how long & when? So why not create a small “diary” of your day?

If you’re anything like me, you get at least 4-5 free calendars before the end of the year. Since I still love paper, I’m using one of these (and yes, I’m a University of Colorado alumni). Of course, you can use your phone/computer calendar,—whatever is easiest! Then, keep track of your body. Even if you don’t have any medical problems, it could be a nice reference for when you go to your doctor’s appointment. How are your menopause symptoms? Did you sleep well? Was your back tight?

The key is to make it work for you. I use abbreviations, I add descriptions if helpful (mild, heavy, etc) and anything I tried to get some  relief . It’s not meant to be a full page explanation, but a tool to be used as a great reference point. Now if you are tracking a certain problem, it could be beneficial to add in some detailed facts  pertaining to each day. We all know that certain headaches are caused by the weather or food—here’s a way to prove it. If a day has been without any issues, I make a smiley face so I know I didn’t forget a day….besides it’s nice to see many days of smiley faces! Then take this calendar with you to your doctor’s appointments. It really can be used as an essential tool to either you or your provider. (If you’re interested, a couple of my abbreviations are HA-headache, HF-hot flash, L-left. I also use a smile, or frown in between the days to keep track of how I’m sleeping.)

Thanks for the great support…this week we’ll be styling everyone’s favorites: Animal Prints!!