Weekly Wonder #36 -Hosiery “Rules”

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Hosiery Rules

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Hosiery Rules

Of course as older women, we all have worn hosiery. Yet it has been quite the trend for the last few years to NOT wear hosiery. As for the word “rules”—we should realize, there are now very few rules (besides having to wear clothes in the first place) and I think as long as you are trying to look nice, you’ll succeed. But I’m sure you always want to look somewhat appropriate? And remember, not everybody agrees on these points. Much of the hullabaloo depends on where you live, where you’re going, and your mood. And for the sake of argument, let’s take comfort out of the equation because there are so many different brands now that you should have no issue with finding one that fits fabulously!  Let’s review three options:

1-Nude Hose—These are now okay again thanks to Kate Middleton (see what being a princess does?). But there still are some controversies on this. If it’s warm enough and you like your legs—it’s easier to go without hose. If you need to wear hose, the best ones are those that match your skin tone—basically you want to mimic the bare leg look. That means, no sun-tan color hose!! And please no toe covering pantyhose with open toed shoes. My mom has these fabulous hose that are toeless (see below—both are under $10)) And for those of you who are embarrassed by “spots” on their legs—there is the option of body/leg makeup!

Bare NecessitiesHosiery Rules (Lord & Taylor have them in plus size also)

Hosiery Rules  Amazon.com 

2. Tights—Tights are a great option to give your legs coverage both for warmth & looks! Of course you can wear the black ones, but at this time in our lives, I think we should have fun with the colored tights too! Remember, fashion is all about expressing yourself. If you want to portray fun and youthfulness, wear the print tights. They may not be appropriate for the conservative work place, but how fun to wear them touring around the art museum. The only rule with this would be to stay away from too much mathcy-matchy. All purple from head to toe is a terrible remembrance of Barney the dinosaur!

3-Sheer Colored Hose—Now here’s where many disagreements come into play. I think black sheer hosiery can look fine with your formal wear. I like playing with different colors for fun! As I said before…fashion is all about expressing yourself and how your feel. If you want to blend in, then wear what everyone else is wearing, however, if you want to stand out…wear what you love!

Realistically, hosiery will never be truly “out” because there is a lot of money to be made from the product! It’s like everything else in the fashion world—they will tweak the  product to make it a little different and hopefully better for us consumers! And just like the toeless hose, there are some interesting products out there you probably didn’t even realize existed. Go to the store and check out the newer selections!

Thanks to Cathy for asking the question about hosiery!!  This week the three of us will be wearing our LBD for the autumn months!

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