Weekly Wonder #37-One year & What I’ve Learned

one year blogversary

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What I’ve Learned in this Year of Blogging (and tips for you)

Bloggers call this milestone a blogversary.  I call it continuing education!! I will admit I enjoy getting older because of all the life experiences I’ve gained and (hopefully) learned from. And even as a younger whippersnapper, I always did take other’s advice & experiences to heart.  That’s the whole idea behind these Weekly Wonders I post on Mondays, similar to as most of us remember “Hints from Heloise”—It’s all about learning from each other!!

With that being said, let me expound on some information I’ve gained since being retired from dentistry and wading into the blogging waters! I’m hoping these thoughts resonate with everyone, not just other bloggers!

1-Be less judgemental about others.  I have always said “life would be so boring if we were all the same.” This is true with every category including fashion & clothing. Sure, someone may be wearing something you would NEVER wear, but maybe it represents their personality or just makes them feel good?

2-Try things out of your “box.”  I truly and wholeheartedly think we shouldn’t be tied down to one or two “styles.”  I think, perhaps, we get comfortable with certain items/looks and we then tend to gravitate to those same trends. Of course, you wear some of the same things because you know they look good on you, but I like to say that my personality isn’t one dimensional, so my clothing choices shouldn’t be either. This includes makeup options and colors. I’ve just recently started wearing different colored lipsticks and it gives me such a nice variety!

3-Outfits look different in pictures versus the mirror. There is a science behind the reflection in your mirror and how you’re able to perceive yourself. And the truth is you don’t see yourself the same way the camera does or even other people. Especially in real life, there is movement…it’s not just a snapshot. So I may check myself in the mirror, but I’ve been relying on my husband’s eyes for certain opinions much more recently. I even read one stylist’s suggestion to take pictures of your outfits daily for a month….it gives you a whole different perspective.

4-There is no clothing shop that is off limit due to one’s age group. I never would have thought to venture into some of the “younger” clothing shops like Forever 21 and Maurices until I saw other bloggers pieces from these stores. Clothing does not have labels on them that say “only for 20 year olds!” You can find some nice things, good deals and fun items at almost any store.

5-I understand fashion magazines and runways a little better now. I used to laugh and think how ridiculous the outfits were that were shown in the style magazines. But after looking at clothes non stop for the last year, I can see why they are a little “out there.” At least for myself, I crave some diversity/uniqueness especially now that I can be more creative!

6-Never say never. This is a biggie! How many times have you thought “I’d never wear that.”? And then months/years later, you sport the look! I think this ties in somewhat to being less judgemental!

Thanks for taking this journey with mom, Nancy & me. This week we’ll be wearing horizontal stripes! 

  • Happy blogiversary Jodie. I agree with the mirror versus camera one as I have been surprised so many times at how my photos turned out. Cheers to many more years of blogging. xo

  • Congratulations!! I thought you had been blogging for a lot longer than just one year. You have accomplished a lot! Kudos!!

  • Yay, Happy ONE Year Blogversary! I hope you, your Mum and Nancy have cracked open a bottle of bubbly as that milestone certainly deserves a celebration.
    Like Samantha, the camera v. mirror has been a revelation to me. What I thought looked great in the mirror, often turned out to be an illusion! But it’s through this journey that we learn and even just blogging a little under 6 months, I’ve learned heaps.
    I like the fact you regard it as continuing education! Long may we all learn!


    • It’s such an interesting phenomenon, eh? But it’s fun to try new things…I didn’t realize you were so new to blogging, too!!

  • Gina

    I really enjoyed this post!! Each point so true, especially the mirror as apposed to a picture! It has been shocking to see a pic of an outfit I THOUGHT looked nice!
    Congrats on your first year 🙂

  • Lorena

    Congrats ! and indeed : NEVER SAY NEVER!

    • Funny how we don’t learn that until we’re older, eh?

  • samantha4blair

    This is brilliant Jodie! i totally agree…with every point.
    The camera V’s mirror one was the biggest surprise to me…I had never realised.
    I am determined to think outside of my box more and try more and more things.
    I know it is a cliche BUT life really is too short and we are never too old….Look at your Mum! She is super cool. There is hope for us all.

    • That’s exactly right….there is hope for us all!!! It reminds me that I forgot to include that we need to stop over criticizing ourselves!! Thanks for all the kudos—especially for mom!!

  • Congratulations on this milestone – looking forward to more from you all 🙂