Weekly Wonder #38- Other uses for Tbrush & Floss

Toothbrush & Floss usage

Other Uses for you Tbrush & Floss

Of course we know the intended use for our beloved toothbrush & the dreaded floss! And I’m betting you have extras of each stored in your linen or medicine closet (because who changes out their toothbrush every 3 months except a dentist?)

So, as someone who tends to want to use what she has laying around…I have discovered a couple of other uses for them besides just cleaning my teeth.

Toothbrush Uses:

1-When your brush is too old to use on your teeth, keep it with your cleaning supplies. It’s perfect for cleaning the hard to reach areas all over the house. I’ve used it for the grout between tile, the cabinet fronts, the baseboards and numerous other areas! Trust me…I can vouch for this—this entry way project took me 3 hours & 5 toothbrushes (and a sore back afterwards)!!!

IMG_1453 (1024x765)

2-If you have a new spare toothbrush, you can you it to tease your hair. It works well for me getting some height to the roots of my hair.

3-I’ve also used a new one for brushing my eyebrows!

4-They can be a great nail brush too!

Floss Uses:

1-Hanging items from the wall & ceiling. Floss is very strong and quite thin (read invisible) so it works great for many (not too incredible heavy) items.

2-Cutting cheesecake. If you make cheesecake often, then you know when you cut it with a knife, much of the cheesecake sticks to the knife. The floss cuts through it much cleaner, although you do need something with more substance for the crust!

3-Just like for the toothbrush, floss can be used to clean out the small cracks/areas that are hard to reach.

4-It works just fine to tie back your hair if you’re missing your hair elastic!

Any other jobs that you’ve used these items for?  This week, our styling theme is Leopard Shoes!

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  • Lorena

    Great tips.
    I’ve used dental floss to clean lipstick, instead of running a blade/knife to remove a thin layer.

    • Ahhh…what a fabulous idea!! I knew I’d learn a couple new tips by posting this!!! Thanks Lorena

    • Ahhh…what a fabulous idea!! I knew I’d learn a couple new tips by posting this!!! Thanks Lorena

  • I am totally going to try and tease my hair with a toothbrush!

  • Mary Anne

    My husband uses our old toothbrushes to polish shoes. (Do people even do this anymore? I always said you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes. lol!) My hubby never has dirty shoes and he is always ready to give mine a polish. Call me weird but I love the smell of shoe polish!

    • Hah…now that’s a brilliant man! My husband still polishes his shoes, but not super regularly—I’ll have to give him an extra toothbrush for the job!!

  • Darcy

    I use a toothbrush to clean my wedding ring!! Works so well.

  • Donna Nance

    I taught my girls to keep old toothbrushes in the kitchen and bathroom for cleaning. When I was visiting my oldest daughter in Texas, sure enough, she had her old toothbrush under the kitchen sink. “Just like you taught me, Mom”.

    • How cute! Well and it makes sense and they work perfectly for so many areas!!!