Weekly Wonders #41-Ballasox Evaluation

Ballasox review


I was gifted this pair of Ballasox shoes but I was not paid to write this post.

The complaint I hear over and over is the need for comfortable shoes. I get it…who wants to be hurting? But with so many options out in the marketplace, I feel like you don’t need to give up comfort for style! These shoes are a perfect example of my theory. They are flats (which for some women are the only thing they’ll wear), but they have some cushion in the sole which is incredibly nice. I don’t know about you, but some of my flats are too flat—the bottom is just a piece of thin material which makes walking long distances tough. What makes these shoes unique is the floating spandex lining which acts like a sock around your foot. They are also foldable & come with a small bag.

Let’s talk about that foldable feature. To me, that aspect of the shoe would make it perfect for the daily commuter or anyone needing to change from heels to flats. The only clink in that lining is that your heeled/other shoes may not be as easily storable for transport. But this pair certainly is conveniently small just in case that’s an advantage to you!

Here’s the rundown—the company has about 15 different varieties of these foldable shoes! My pair is the Brooke style (and comes in 10 other colors) and is reasonably priced at $39 (with free shipping through December in the continental USA). The cushion in the sole is a good half inch in the heel and a quarter inch in the toe portion. They are only available in whole sizes so I went up to the next size. I’ve worn them for days of shopping and they truly felt great. Because of the elastic feature around the foot, they don’t slip and slide (which tends to cause rubbing). My only issue is the left shoe heel elastic did feel more tight at the end of each day (maybe my left foot is bigger than the right?) But listen to this: both days I went shopping, it had snowed, and I discovered there is some tread on the soles, so I wasn’t slipping around—nice!

Can you say great Holiday present idea? And speaking of holidays, the theme this week will be New Year’s Eve outfits!! Linking up with Shoe and Tell

Here’s a close up of the shoes on my own feet!

DSC04849 (800x600)

  • Jean Ann

    Thanks for this review I want to try them! I usually wear a 7.5 wide should I size up or get a 7? I love the cushion idea that is why I don’t wear flats. Thanks

    • I’d go up to an 8. I’m usually a 7.5 and I got an 8 and they fit great!

  • Jean Ann

    Cute shoes I am wondering about the fit I usually wear a 7.5 wide will a 7 work or should I go up to an 8? I am impressed with the idea of some cushion I don’t like flats for that reason.

  • I’m interested to see what they actually look like on the feet. It’s a cool idea. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    • Hi Carmen….I added the close up picture of them on my feet on the post if you want to see them!!

  • I admit to purchasing a pair of similar shoes that come in a bag and are to take along for when your feet are killing you… however I usually don’t wear them as I tend to think that it brings down whatever I am wearing. I make such an effort in getting dressed for parties that I prefer to sufffer 🙁
    On the upside they come in really handy for traveling.

    • I’m laughing because I pretty much live by that adage “You just have to look good”—who cares if it hurts!?! But many women don’t agree with us!! I’ve been wearing them shopping though, because they have decent support!

  • Cute shoes!

    • Thanks…I really find I wear them more than I thought—they’re quite neutral yet somewhat interesting!!

  • Robinsky

    Thanks Jodie for this great review. I am going to have to give these a try!