Weekly Wonders #46-Belt Storage

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Belt Storage

Organization: Belt Storage

For those of you with quite a few belts, it can be quite the conundrum of how to store them so they are visible and accessible.

I’ve tried a couple different kinds of belt hangers in the past (like here, here and here). The issues I ran into with these was since the hanger is crammed onto the closet rod, I really could only see the belts on the outside edge unless I took the hanger down. And then I had some issues with the hooks…they would tend to get stuck on the clothes they were hanging in between.

Thus I decided to brainstorm and try a different method. Since I loved the way I got my mother’s necklaces organized (see the post here), I thought I’d try the same idea out for my belts. Having the unit attached to the wall, helped in the fact that all the belts were easily available. If you don’t have many belts, you could certainly use a coat rack/hanger (like this and maybe bend the top hooks so they are more staggered). I happened to need a couple more than the coat hanger would hold, so I went to Ikea and purchased the rod (here) and s-hooks (here)—-all for under $7.  I like that I can actually take the hook off the rod when I want to get my belt down. This is also convenient because for some of the hooks I have stacked 2 or 3 belts on it.

The disadvantage of this system is you need usable wall space. For some of you, I realize that’s not easy to find. But remember, you can possibly use wall space that’s not in your closet—and call it “art.”

What is your secret to your belt storage? This week’s clothing theme is turtlenecks (styled differently than last winter)!