Weekly Wonders #47-Quality vs. Quantity

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Quality vs. Quantity in Fashion

Quality vs Quantity in Fashion.

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I know when you get to a certain age, “they” all say you should spend more on the quality of your clothes and not to worry about the quantity.  And as always, I love to be the devil’s advocate.  It’s not really that I want to stuff my closet (more) at this age, but I’m still not convinced I should spend a bundle of money on most of my clothes.

That being said I do believe and love promoting the small local boutiques and businesses—I know what it’s like to be a small business owner and I think it’s essential to support them as much as possible. Besides, it’s shopping at these places that you can find more unique and interesting items that not everyone else has in their closet.  Usually the small boutiques are not as inexpensive as many of the franchise shops—however, they too, have an occasional sale.

Here are my reasons I otherwise don’t like spending a ton of money on my clothing:

1-My weight, like everyone else’s, fluctuates.  Even if your weight does stay the same, body parts shift (fact not fiction)!  It’s frustrating to plan on wearing a piece of clothing from a couple years ago and find it’s too small or big.

2-Stains, rips, and a multitude of different natural disasters seem to happen to my clothing…even when it’s just hanging out in the closet.  I’d feel much guiltier if it were a $200 sweater that got ruined, than if it were a $30 one.

3-Styles change—I realize there are basic items, but somehow and someway the companies change the classic styles just enough that the old version can look “dated.”

4-I like to shop—so if and when an item gets “worn out,” I find that’s a perfect excuse to hit the stores! Some of those quality pieces never wear out!

5-The materials keep getting better—who doesn’t love spandex in their jeans, now?  Even if I still had a pair of my 501 Levis, would I even want to wear them?

6-I actually get tired of some of my clothing items.  I don’t feel bad about giving them away if they didn’t cost me an arm & a leg!

Do you agree or disagree? This week we’ll each be wearing Tweed Jackets!