Weekly Wonders #48-Body Love & Chobani

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Body Love & Chobani

Body Love & Chobani

The inspiration for this post started twofold. The first was reading a post from Kremb de la kremb where she states ones of her promises for the new year is to practice body love. This really resonated with me as I find many women still complain about their bodies (and we shouldn’t). The second incentive was hearing Chobani wanted people to start 2016 off strong by trying their Simply 100 Crunch..

As I state on the front page of my website, I truly believe all women are beautiful and smart. Because as we all should know, beauty is not just what we see on the outside.

I think most of us have learned this over the years, and many of us believe it—when it comes to others. Yet somehow we still can be negative about our own body and certain characteristics. I mean, hey, I’m just as human as the next person —I’d love to exchange my unruly curls on the top of my head for straight locks. But, it is what it is, right?

One of my new & latest favorite sayings is: Getting older is a privilege! Body wise–we realize some areas have started to sag and become…ummm…different than what they once were–so what? I mean, how many articles have you read that older women should cover up their arms? Ugh….sure, they may not be a smooth as they once were, but they are still a wonderful, functional piece of your anatomy. I mean, I have scars right on the front of my face and you don’t see me putting a cardigan over them (I guess I could, but it would look awfully funny).

So I’d like to say to everyone reading this—let’s start loving our bodies more. Yes, even the imperfections. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to be healthy and make your body better. That’s the fabulous thing— we have some control over our body’s outside appearance—diet, exercise, and certain habits can make you look (and feel) better or worse. I don’t believe in the hard line of restricting my foods but I do try hard to eat relatively clean. And that’s where Chobani fits in. Did you realize many flavored yogurts have over 20 grams of sugar in a serving? That’s crazy!  Chobani Simply 100 has between 6-8 grams of sugar in a serving and real ingredients to boot! Check out their link—there’s even a coupon to get you some–the strawberry chocolate truffle is my favorite!! (No—I wasn’t paid for this post—I just like the product).

Chobani is kicking off a new project to keep us healthy. Here’s a sample of ways to burn 100 calories—notice shopping is on the list–ha ha!!

Body Love & Chobani

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