DIY Arm Warmers for Those Transition Months

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DIY Arm Warmers for Those Transition Months

What do you wear when you know it’ll be cold for part of the day, yet it it supposed to warm up later? Most of us will undoubtedly throw on a layer like a cardigan or jacket. And that’s definitely a smart option. But I have another interesting way to approach this issue!

These accessories are called arm warmers! This is not much different than leg warmers, which sends us back to the 1980’s and Jane Fonda’s workout, I’m sure! But most of the time, these arm warmers are only seen in part. Meaning, they are only peeking out of a top layer of clothing. Let me explain.


When mom and I were putting together an outfit for wearing her Chunky Knit sweater (here) she showed these to me.

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She’s wearing these arm warmers under her sweater because the sweater’s sleeves are only 3/4 long and it was a little chilly outside. Being the creative sewing genius that she is, she had made these burgundy beauties with some leftover material from a sewing project many years ago.

Now you may be thinking that you’d never need this accessory. And you could be right, I suppose. But let me tell you how much easier it is to pull off your arm warmers when you get a little heated! And then they definitely don’t mess up your hair like a sweater or jacket could!!

But if you thought “aha” when you saw these puppies, then read on how you can make your own!

DIY Your Own Pair of Arm Warmers

1-Buy a sweater.

In order to make my own pair without spending a lot of money, I went to the thrift store. I wanted to get a sweater in a neutral color where the sleeves were relatively tight to the body.

Now you could also find an old sweater in your closet that could work. How about one that has a spill down the front. You know, those pesky white sweaters that never stay clean. As long as the sleeves are still in good shape, then why spend more money?

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2-Cut off the sleeves from the sweater. I think it’s best to do this at the top of the sleeve. Besides it’s better to err on the side of longer. If they end up being too long, you can always push them up slightly.

3-Where you cut off the sleeve from the body is where you want to sew in a piece of elastic. Place the elastic to the raw edge of sweater and then fold it over so it’s completely covered by the sweater. Pin this in place and then sew the top and bottom of the elastic to the sweater.

FYI, I used 1 inch wide elastic and made it 1 inch smaller than the diameter of my arm. You want it tight enough that it stays up, but not too tight that it cuts off your circulation!

Now just remember that your sewing doesn’t have to be perfect. This part of the item is hidden when you’re wearing it. Therefore, I call this an easy peasy project.

Other Options

But if you don’t have a sewing machine, you can see the you tube video of how to use knee high socks and scissors to create your own (here). Or if you happen to be a knitter, here’s a pattern from Ravelry!

Of course, if you are not the DIY type, then there’s always the stores! I’ve found some pre made arm warmers down below for you to check out! Some of the store made ones, have a thumb hole. Of course if that isn’t your cup of tea, you can always tuck it under and not put your thumb through the opening!

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I’ve ended up wearing my arm warmers more times than I would have imagined! The photo above is when I wore these with a short sleeve shirt. But there have been times that I’ve also worn them with my poncho! I even bought another sweater at the thrift store in order to make another pair at some time in the future.

I don’t have a lot of 3/4 length sleeve sweaters, but I do have some short sleeve ones. Most of the short sleeve sweaters have been hand knit by me, so I hate to not wear them. That could be part of the reason that I’ve fallen in love with these arm warmers! They give me more reasons to wear what I already have in my closet. Especially when it’s too cold outside to have naked arms.

Truthfully, I’ve even worn them under a jacket when I was too lazy to change to a heavy shirt! You can hear that explanation, here!

Arm warmers may not be the biggest thing since sliced bread, but having one pair around, could fill that naked arm problem we all have from time to time. And I’ve shown how making yourself a pair can be inexpensive and fun!

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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