Weekly Wonders #54-Make up & Choix Service

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 Choix makeup sampling online service

 Choix Service

(I was gifted this Choix makeup and I was allowed to pick my choices of products. I was not paid for this post. And every word written is my true and honest feelings and thoughts)

Buying make-up is certainly not new to any of us. And I would bet that neither is getting samples in order to try different items.  Choix is working to bring the high end makeup counter to your doorstep with few hassles or beauty buy wasted item mistakes.

We all realize there are pros and cons to different avenues of obtaining makeup for our face.

1-The drugstore certainly has inexpensive product to purchase, however, there is the risk that you won’t like it since you’re not able to actually try it on your face at the time of purchase.

2-On the other hand, the makeup counter at your department store will let anyone try their products at the site. However this could also be a breeding ground for germs. And even if that isn’t your concern, the lighting in the store can be quite different than your usual hang outs, and thus the product looks different when you get home.

3-Buying makeup online is not without issues including, of course, not being able to test it, but also the shipping charges.

Is the higher end makeup really worth the cost difference? I’m sure you’ve read many of the same articles I have, and the answer is: it depends! Take my personal experience for example: I did a post on makeup for your eyes (here). I was using L’Oreal gel eyeliner and I liked the product but lamented that after a couple months it dried out. My blogging friend, Darlene, of Who’s A Pretty Girl, told me she uses MAC’s Paint Pot as it never dries out. Sure it was $22 instead of $10, but so far she’s right–I haven’t had to toss it out even after 6 months of use. If you love the color of a compound and the quality is great, then it probably is worth spending the extra money.

Trying out new colors and products is fun for many of us. Besides, it’s nice to have a little variety in your arsenal of goods!

So let me tell you about my experience with Choix! Their whole idea is to receive hygienic samples of makeup for either $5 for each sample or $20 for 5 samples that month. They have 24 different high end brands from which to choose. They have almost every category of makeup your little heart desires. If you loved your sample, then you can receive $5 off the full sized product (and their product’s prices are comparable to the makeup company’s online prices). If you’re a member of Choix’s Elite club, you receive points and bonuses to boot!

For myself, I wanted to try out 5 different kinds of products from 5 different brands. I’m not commenting on the actual makeup—just the service Choix provides. To start, the time to get my products was extremely reasonable, especially since the shipping is free—it was under a week. Secondly, the appropriate applicators were included with my box–my thought here was that they think of everything (my tip is to make sure you wash the mascara applicator out after every use since it doesn’t seal inside the sample container)! The amount of product received is certainly generous considering their promise is that it’s for one “regular” use. Here’s the details on my products:

1-Lipstick—I was able to get 10 uses out of it by the time this post went live. There’s still more, but hard to say how much.

2-Foundation Primer—I thought I’d use this up after only two uses since it goes over my entire face, but I actually got 10 days out of it!

3-Eyebrow gel—I was able to use it 7 times (both eyebrows, of course).

4-Eye Paint—I used this as an eyeliner for above & below the eyes. I still have plenty of it remaining. This is one item that could be a great deal to buy as just the sample!! Especially if you want an interesting color!

5-Mascara—I was able to use it 8 times–this included one second coat because normally I use a primer so only need one coat. The drawback with mascara is that many of us judge not only the product but the applicator, and you only get a generic brush with the sample.

Overall, I have to say I’m pleased with the service. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile then you know I’m thrifty, so I had to think about these options financially. What I’ve decided is that it can be a smart money decision if used correctly. Some of that reasoning would include how many uses do you want out of a product? Say, for instance, you want a red lipstick for a special event coming up, but you know you’ll hardly ever use it otherwise—here’s a good option. Or you really are interested in a certain Dior foundation, but want to try it out on humid & non-humid days—this would be the way to do it! Or you could do your own test on various high end products—use it on half your face, and a drug store brand on the other half. This would enable you to really see them side by side without spending a bundle.

One of the only drawbacks I could think of with Choix is they do not offer fingernail polish at the moment. And once they do….I’m getting some–think of the great possibilities for touch ups when on vacation!

For answers to any of your questions about the service, check out their FAQ section here. The site does a great job of giving you all the details.

As for this week’s styling item, I’m having us all wear a lace extender!