Weekly Wonders #52-My Style

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image from Roots of Style by Isabel Toledo

Let’s talk about style. As a fashion blogger I get the question occasionally of  “how do you describe your style?”

I have to admit that before this was my “job”–I never even thought about the term as it related to me. Sure, I loved to shop and put together outfits, but I never tried to analyze what I wore and why.  So I have to think there are a ton of other ladies out there that are the same way. You figure out what you’re going to wear for the day, you put it on, and you periodically go shopping to add or replace items. And when you go shopping you gravitate towards similar elements that you already own—it’s what you like. Thus it’s your “style.”

My theory lately is your “style” is not always necessarily what I have outlined above. What I described is more a habit or comfort. Have you ever bought something at the store, only to come home and find you already have one very much like it? That’s because you liked it the first time, so of course you are attracted to it again. Really though, your style ought to be your personality. In fact, Suzanne Carillo dedicated an entire post to it here, with a worksheet to help-here.

So it comes down to how do you describe yourself? Like I say in my blog description, how we dress echoes our visual voice!

One of the many things I’ve learned in these last couple of years is that I don’t want to be bound to one certain type. I already did that in my earlier career. Dentistry was a serious business. I had patients to take care of and employees that depended on me. So I feel like I dressed seriously—although, I’m not sure there’s a category for that in the style department. It’s only since I’ve retired that I feel like I can spread my wings and try wearing items I would never have worn before. So does that mean my style has changed or am I being more adventuresome?

Trust me, it’s fun and very liberating to experiment with different items that maybe you would never think of purchasing!! I would invite you all to try it. Next time you’re out shopping, at least try on one thing you normally wouldn’t. And take an unbiased friend because your brain may not observe it the way others do!

So how would I describe my style? Varied. Colorful. With a touch of this, that and the other!!

Do you think my theory is wacky? What is style to you? This week the three of us will be wearing leather skirts (crazy, I know)!

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