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Divas Don't age serum.

Divas Never Age Serum

(I was gifted this serum. I was not paid for this post. And every word written is my true and honest feelings and thoughts)

Of course you use a serum, if you’re over 40! Do you even know why? I didn’t….I’m sure I just read it often enough, that I started doing it. So I did some research and found that serums are basically lightweight moisturizers that penetrate deeper (because they’re not as thick). It’s also a way to incorporate some of the active ingredients your skin requires into your moisturizing routine equation.

If you are inexperienced with serums, then let me give you a quick intro—it is suggested they be used morning and night. It is suggested that using serums should be the step after you cleanse (and tone) but before you moisturize. If you happen to have oily skin and live in a humid environment, this could actually be your moisturizer step! They work better if your skin is slightly moist, but make sure your fingers are dry (you don’t want all the good stuff absorbing into your fingers!)

So let me give you my experience with this product and then I can give you some more specifics on this serum. I did my usual “testing” on the serum! I applied it to only half of my face (the right side) for 2.5 weeks. The rest of my skincare remained the same. I did not use any serum on the left side of my face—I wanted to see the difference of using a serum vs. not using a serum.

At first I didn’t really notice much difference (and trust me, I sat looking in the mirror for a long time many days). But finally I realized something, the “bag” under my right eye was not as prominent—you can look for yourself. Can you see that also? (Since I took the picture in the mirror, the right side of the picture is the right side of my face).  There’s two other interesting discoveries. 1-I had this dry patch right above my upper lip–halfway between the bow and corner of my lip, for probably about 3 months. I had been using my silver gel on it, but it hadn’t changed. As of right now, it’s not there. I’m thinking this is because of the serum. 2-I had a wicked cold last week, and I got a zit on the left side of my nose (the side I wasn’t using the serum on). Coincidence or did the serum help prevent that on the right side, with all the nose blowing I did?

Divas Don't age serum.

As for this Divas Never Age serum, there are many great qualities about it:

1-The first ingredient is Aloe Vera Leaf Juice.

2-I can read the ingredient list–it is not made of chemicals. I didn’t used to think this was very important—but I’ve come to realize that it’s just as important to put quality products on my skin as it is to eat them! This serum is also organic and natural.

3-It is in a dark bottle which helps the stability of the Vitamin C ingredient. The other promoted ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Pomegranate and Green Tea!

4-I like that it’s relatively thick (for the reason that then it doesn’t stream down my hand instead of ending up on my face) yet it feels very lightweight on my face.

5-The aroma is very much a non issue—it is not strong, and what scent it has goes away quickly!

6-It’s made in the USA, if that kind of thing floats your boat!

Since I am a pros and cons kind of person, I wanted to give you a disadvantage about the product. However, I couldn’t come up with one (besides the fact that it’s not delivered to your doorstep for free). Speaking of cost, I consider it a great value at $23.95 (but it’s $1 less on Amazon, so if you’re a prime member—go that route).

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