Weekly Wonders—LuLaRoe Fashion

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LulaRoe clothing for women 50+.

LuLaRoe Fashion

I’m always on the hunt for new and interesting clothing (shocking, I know). I’ve seen a couple other bloggers talking about LuLaRoe, so I know I’m not the only one enamored with this company (Here & here are Chitter Chatter with a Mother & Daughter each wearing a Lularoe skirt). The way I found out about this company was while we were at a fundraising gala where I was lucky enough to win a gift certificate during a silent auction! And just so you know, I wasn’t paid for this post. I bought the auction item, and thought the products would be a nice fit for women reading my blog!

The LuLaRoe line is sold somewhat differently than most clothing. It’s like the Cabi brand but much less expensive (although I see Cabi does sell their clothes online now). So what that means to those of you that don’t know Cabi, is that it’s sold at parties, pop-up boutiques or in this case, if you live in the Denver area, you can visit Hailey for some individual shopping. (Her Facebook group can be linked to here or her email is lularoehaileymae@gmail.com!)

The company first started with their leggings. Thus I had to buy a pair to see for myself what all the fuss was about. And you know what they really are amazing. The material is so soft—yet it’s not cotton. Now for us older women (and we know it is perfectly acceptable to wear leggings…I showed all 3 of us with them many times like here & here), these are not a ponte or super thick material. By saying this, I mean that I would definitely wear a longer tunic or sweater over them for coverage. I’m not saying they are thin & see through—I just know how many of us feel about showing too much. They have every size available including kids—from tweens (if you’re extremely petite) to 3XL! As you can see in the photo below, I bought a print pair since I did not have any print leggings. But they have solids also. Check out some of the variety below (the first picture is taken at Hailey’s place).

LulaRoe clothing for women 50+.  LulaRoe clothing for women 50+.

One great part of this company is they will make an item in a certain print, but after 1000 pieces are made, they will discontinue that print. Thus you don’t have to worry about having the same thing as all of your friends. Of course they don’t just make leggings, they also have skirts, dresses, tops, maxis, and even some kid wear (for girls).

Here’s a sampling of some of the materials made up into the clothing (again at Hailey’s place)

LulaRoe clothing for women 50+. LulaRoe clothing for women 50+.

The skirt I’m wearing is the other piece I bought (the same one in the feature picture at the top). I love it because it’s a great length when I’m standing, yet easy to sit in! Both of these items came to under $55—and you know how I love a deal! I wore this skirt for our Black & White with a print post (here), while touring around the Denver Botanic Gardens. The skirt was excellent for exploring that day since it was pretty warm!

The company’s website, LuLaRoe, explains the mission behind the brand and also shows the collection of styles of dresses, skirts and other pieces.

If you live in Denver and the surrounding suburbs, you can certainly give Hailey (her email is lularoehaileymae@gmail.com or FB group can be linked here) a hello and host a party or go to her place. The best thing about hosting a party, is you have the opportunity to earn free clothes! Or if you are interested in being part of the company, you could join ranks as a consultant!

1/25/2017: As an update, I now have a friend who is selling LuLaRoe. Her name is Angie Dwyer (contact her through FB here!). Each consultant ends up getting different prints for their clothing, so it’s super nice to have a couple of dealers, LOL!!