Weekly Wrap Up 2.20.21

Weekly Wrap Up 2.20.21

I appreciate each and every share. Thank you!

Weekly Wrap Up 2.20.21

LOVE Weekend

As it was the weekend of double love (Valentine’s Day AND our anniversary) we decided to go to brunch on both Saturday and Sunday. Therefore you get to see photos of both of us, LOL!

On Saturday we had brunch, and then we went out to the Phoenician Resort to hike around their cactus garden.

Then on Sunday we had brunch at another fun restaurant.

If you’ve been following our journey of preventative nutrition with nutrient dense foods, we do look for restaurants where we can eat within the guidelines (meaning lots of veggies and very little sugar). Granted, since it is a celebration, we do splurge on one drink each and split a dessert.


It’s all about this star sweater this week. Since I was taking my mom to the doctor today, I tried to look more professional. Did it work?

I did an experiment with my foundation today. I was gifted some Laura Geller powder foundation. Trust me when I say, I never thought I’d like it.

If you remember, I struggle with D.R.Y skin and I’ve learned to use an oil before putting on my liquid foundation (post here).

So when I started using this powder foundation, it seemed to work without the addition of the oil. HOW can that be?

So in my biological head, I decided to try the Laura Geller on half my face, and my usual on the other half. Shockingly, the powder foundation didn’t settle into my lines/pores. I don’t get it. If anyone else uses it, I’d love to hear your thoughts?


This will be the last day you see this sweater until I write the post about it. It’s one of those really boxy styles, so I experimented with ways to wear it.

Today was video shoot day for this sweater and an interesting company I was just introduced to called Alembika. They have a very “artsy” collection, and I like the idea of creativity.


Another day, another doctor’s visit, LOL. Therefore the blazer. But even though I’m trying to dress professional for these events, I’m also trying to add in a little fun and whimsey.

Today I did that with a Gibby’s scarf that I pinned to the lapel with a clip on earring. I’m not sure I love it to the side that way, but I wanted to experiment.

The appointment today was with Rob’s urologist. And the good news?? His PSA score is down after our change in diet (along with the remedy he gets from the naturopath).

What is our diet like? I wrote a post recently if you’re interested. Our biggest motivator? Remembering that everything we eat is either fighting disease or feeding disease.


It was feeling a tad like winter today, so I wore a handknit sweater. Yet I needed some lightness in the outfit so I grabbed my turquoise bomber from years ago. You can see how I styled it when I first bought it.

As for the shoes, we will be working with Jambu again, and this pair of sneakers is wonderfully sparkly (this pair is called the Lilac but they aren’t lilac in color and are available in white or grey too) !! If you want to check out their selections before our post comes out, feel free to use my code for 20% off, JTOUCHS21

The hat is because we are getting massages today which means my hair will be a mess afterwards!! Notice the same pants from yesterday. I used to wear the same pair of pants all week long when I was working.


Today was National Forever Fierce Day, and the 4th anniversary of the Forever Fierce Facebook group!! I don’t talk about the group all that much anymore, because I’m never sure who’s tired of hearing about the group.
However, it’s such a wonderful, compassionate group and I hope that you will ask to join the group. Most people sit on the sidelines when they first join a group like that, and that’s the best thing you can do. But also make a post and introduce yourself if you’re comfortable with that. You’ll be surprised at the wonderful outpouring of welcome.
Since I’m part of the team of the Forever Fierce Group, we were having a LIVE as part of the celebration. So I had to wear fun color and texture!!
BTW, these sneakers are my new Jambu ones which you will see in a blog post soon. If you want to check out their site now, make sure to use the discount code JTOUCHS21 for 20% off.

Thank You

My goal is to find things that help you with your day, and to bring a smile and kindness to your life.

I hope I say thank you enough because your support allows me to continue this journey which I just LOVE!!!
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