Weekly Wrap Up 2.27.21

Weekly Wrap Up 2.27.21

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Weekly Wrap Up 2.27.21


We spent Saturday afternoon at the Arizona Botanical Gardens. It’s so amazing to see all of the different kinds of cacti and plant life that survives in the desert.
It’s truly a wonderful place to visit and we will definitely be back. While we were there, we saw a wedding and rehearsal dinner taking place. It was so cool.

Sunday I was pretty much out of commission because of a terrible headache. Bummer.


So today we went out early to take blog photos at the White Tank Mountains that are close by. The theme?? Our Jambu shoes.

This pair is called “Lilac” (even though they don’t come in a lilac color). But they do come in grey and white and I just LOVE the shimmer. In fact, they might be my favorite Jambu shoes ever.

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There’s a secret about this sweater. You’ll hear all about it on the Jambu post next month!!


And on Tuesdays we wear a head scarf!! You didn’t realize? LOL.
I just received this scarf from Gibby’s Frillery. It’s meant to be a head scarf and even comes with a matching hair tie in the back and you can adjust it.

And remember what I was saying about my occipital bone being small and needing bobby pins when I wear these kind of hair accessories??
Well, Kim made these scarves so they don’t need extra holding items. I wore it all day and it never moved.
I asked her the why and this is what she said:

It has a 4-way stretch so it can contour around our noggins.   Traditional silk scarves and other scarves don’t have that stretch….. plus I designed it to have the two way tails so you can  cinch it snuggly around your head

BTW, she designed it to go over the forehead and the top of your head. Of course, I wanted to see if I could wear it more like a band. AND yes, I could.
AND, this is why her small scarves are so fabulous too…the S.T.R.E.T.C.H. and softness!!

Insider discount: Use JodieTOS25W on any scarves on Gibby’s site until March 31, 2021 on her already low prices.


I dressed for a theme for my Instagram Coast to Coast group (I’m the SW area) about fun and flowy!! If you keep your eyes peeled on Instagram on March 12, hopefully you will see the outfit changed somewhat!!
But for most of the day, this is how I looked.

I love the Peach sweater that has a sheer under layer. This is how I normally wear it to show off the details.
Since the top half was so neutral, I added in bright colored pants (from Poshmark and therefore a deal). And I pulled in the same colors with my Gibby’s scarf (I really like how these scarves are the perfect length so you don’t have to figure out how to tie it and they are so soft).

Insider tip: Poshmark can be overwhelming. Here’s the best way to shop it.

Here’s a beautiful view from the White Tank Mountains where we went to take some photos this afternoon!!! We are going to see how it works to embed this video right in the blog post like this. If you have any issues, please let me know (you can email me at Jtouchofstyle@gmail.com).


Luckily it’s still cool enough I can wear my handknit sweaters, at least in the mornings. In fact, you’ll see this one soon enough on the blog, so I won’t go into details about it.

I will say that this is a new combination with this blouse under it. I bought this top on Poshmark, and when I first tried it on, it gaped a little in the front.

However, now that I have my Ruby Ribbon bras (that I talked about in this post) as an option (they don’t have padding), the blouse stays closed just fine. It’s nice to have these options with our things. Otherwise, I thought I’d never be able to wear this top.

BTW, these are my Kancan jeans from Belong Lifestyle USA. I love the lighter wash on them, and even though I’ve worn them at least a dozen times, they haven’t sagged!!


No outfit photos because you’ll see them on the blog next month. We traveled up to the Cave Creek Museum which is where I found this interesting information about Saguaro cacti. They don’t start growing “arms” until they are 60-100 years old!! So most that we see are really over 100-175 years old. It’s amazing.
Then we went up the road to the Watson Hat Shop. Lesley had heard about it, so we went to check it out. The photo on the right is a hat sizer, because all of their hats are custom made. And their price reflects that (they are over $600…no we didn’t buy one, LOL).

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