Weekly Wrap Up– 2.6.21

Weekly Wrap Up– 2.6.21

I appreciate each and every share. Thank you!

Last Weekend

On Saturday, my Target girl group posted wearing the same sweatshirt!! I just adore the idea of seeing the same item worn so many different ways.

I was honored to be asked to join a Zoom call for the launch of Caire Beauty as Carla Hall was joining the fun. While it seems like there’s always a “new” beauty product to try, it was super interesting to hear the why’s of how this one is different.
If you like the biology behind these things, for these 2 products, they made the hyaluronic acid molecules (which is the hydration our skin needs) smaller so they absorb better. I have to admit that the mask felt so hydrating when I washed it off….I even told Rob that before I knew any of the scientific stuff.

We also attended a pop-up shop for this boutique owned by a woman I met through our AZ group of women on Instagram. Her online boutique is called Naomi and Ruth and if you read the about page on her site you will learn how fabulous she is. This weekend she was donating 10% of sales to this family whose husband is pictured with Rob. He has been fighting blood cancer for 9 years now, yet is so positive. It was very inspirational.
And of course, I purchased a couple of things to help support both the boutique and the cancer warrior.


One of these days maybe I’ll learn to close my mouth after I ask Google to take a selfie.

Did you know that Google can do that? Test it out. At least on Android phones….say “Hey Google. Take a selfie”

Insider tip: You can’t be in the camera app when you request this. So first I line up where it would work in the camera app. Then I press the home key before I ask google to do this!!


From this weekend’s foray to the pop up shop called Naomi and Ruth, I snagged this fuzzy sweater.
Personally I have this addiction to fuzzy sweaters and also have ruined most of them in the washer.

Hopefully, by this time in my life, I will be smarter and keep this one out of the washing machine.

BTW, this skirt? It’s inside out. I’ll be showcasing the proof of this on Instagram soon. (If you are on Instagram, I would appreciate the follow as I share much different things on that platform).

BTW, can I just say that it was 80 degrees here today!!! I’m sorry for those of you in those snowy states, LOL


I’m wearing a new pair of jeans gifted to me by the boutique owner that we visited this weekend.
I realize most of you don’t subscribe to the distressed options, but the brand, Flying Monkey, has regular jeans also.

The reason these jeans are so popular is because of the stretch. That makes them not only comfy, but also easier to fit many sizes.

This outfit?? Inspired by an upcoming blog showcasing how to wear….(well, I can’t tell you, but keep your eyes peeled) !!


It was an early morning so we could take blog photos. Since we haven’t been out exploring as much lately, we decided to at least go thrift shopping after our photos today!!

The best part is we found a wonderful local boutique where we each bought the identical tops. We will all style it differently in an upcoming blog series. Won’t that be fun??

This outfit is almost all thrifted. The sweater has some interesting bling on the front that you will see on Instagram for next month’s thrift challenge.


And happy Friday!!! I’m wearing this jumper to twin with another friend on Instagram. Actually this friend I’ve met since she lives here in Arizona.
Her name is Melissa and she has a blog too but doesn’t post all the time.

Even though the jumper is rust colored, I wanted to try it with some different color combinations. So I added in a turquoise cardigan (worn as a shirt) and a bright pink purse.
I made a video of 3 other outfits with this jumper on Instagram after I first bought it. You can see that here if you’re interested.

BTW, these boots were thrifted and I wore this same cardigan 5 different ways in a blog post to try to give more options with these shorter cardigans.

The exciting thing today was 3fold!!
1-We had more insulation added in our attic so hopefully our house will stay warmer.
2-I won this Positive Vibes Only t-shirt from Instagram recently and it came in the mail.
3-I’m working on a comparison post regarding natural sunscreens, so I’ll be trying out this Cruchi one that I ordered.

Happy weekend!!

Thank You

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