Weekly Wrap Up 3.13.21

Weekly Wrap Up 3.13.21

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Weekly Wrap Up 3.13.21


Our weekend was quite the busy one, but if I had my druthers, I’d have it no other way really. I used to want to have days to relax, but maybe since coVid, I’m relaxed out? LOL

On Saturday, we went to the Arizona Heritage Center which is located about 40 minutes away from us. It’s a beautiful building with some recent history exhibitions, along with some older Arizona history.
Here’s the cool things I’m sharing
Photo 1-That may look like food, but the food is actually stones. Look close and you’ll see.
Photo 2– That’s us!!! Including Lesley’s boyfriend, Roger.
Photo 3– A great exhibition about women and their rights. The bicycle was an important factor in wearing “bloomers” instead of dresses.
Photo 4-That’s a “heater” for citrus trees for the occasional freezes so all crops aren’t lost.

Sunday was just as fun, because I found a FREE barre class (it’s a type of workout kind of like aerobics, yoga and pilates combined.) Thus the workout outfit. We haven’t been exercising like we should, and the best thing? Because this was outside, we didn’t have to wear masks!!! Of course it wasn’t close by, but it worked out for us this day.
Then our friends from Denver were here and we went to dinner. You may remember Shelly from a couple of our blog photos when she stepped in while Nancy was traveling (and trust me, taking photos with us was out of Shelly’s comfort zone. But growth doesn’t happen in our comfort zone, right?)


I will admit that I adjusted the head scarf to be lower on my forehead after this photo. It’s my latest Gibby’s scarf, but it’s made differently to be a head scarf and comes with a band to hold it together in the back. I wore it today so the ends slide over my shoulder in the front.

My discount code is still available until the end of this month: JodieTOS25W. The scarves are inexpensive on their own, yet why not save a little more with my code? Make sure to see my friend Kellyann wearing hers too!!

The funny thing is before I tried Gibby’s headscarf, I was telling all of you that the only way I could get scarves and material headbands to stay on my head was to use bobby pins. Well, I was wrong, and I’m not sure how Kim designed these, but they stay in place.

The outfit is for Instagram to twin with another woman who has a skirt similar to this. Granted, this skirt is inside out (you can see the proof and right side on Instagram here).

I wanted to work on my print mixing skills, so I wore it with a striped top this time.


I was inspired by a fellow Instagrammer to put together this look. You can see her post here.
The blouse is one that my Target girls are going to showcase, so you’ll be seeing more of it soon.

The scarf is another Gibby’s scarf. It may seem silly that I wear these so much, but I love them because they are so easy. Just tie and go. They aren’t too long or require an education to wear. (I still have a code for 25% off until the end of the month if you’re interested: JodieTOS25W)

And the earrings, scarf and shoes almost match perfectly!! Plus kudos to me for print mixing again!!


I’m sure you recognize the blouse from Tuesday’s outfit!! Today I wore it layered OVER a dress. There are many reasons I did this, and I’ll share it in an upcoming blog post.
Confession: I struggled with which shoes/boots to wear with this. In fact, I started with a different pair yet that doesn’t mean the outfit failed. I took a selfie and realized the original boots didn’t work. SO I just changed them out.

I started showing a short video on my Instagram stories to give more details about the outfits. If you aren’t familiar with Instagram stories, just go to my Instagram feed here, and then click on my face in the circle near the top.


Today was a doctor day, so out came a suit. This isn’t a suit from my working days. It’s actually somewhat “new” from Goodwill. Of course I had my mom shorten the pants, but otherwise, It’s a great fit.

If you saw my video that I published in my Instagram stories, you know that I was going for a sophisticated look with some fun thrown in!!

Today’s doctor appointment was with a GI doctor to talk about my mom’s “silent gerd.” I feel like silent gerd is the diagnosis of the season and I wondered if she should have a scope to check that it is really what causes her to cough (which has been going on for years).

The GI doc said he doesn’t recommend a scope, but suspects that the cough is from either post nasal drip or just a habit now.

I’ve had many a comment on these shoes. Don’t worry, you’ll see more of them soon worn in many different kinds of outfits.


Is it silly to pull out the green as it gets closer to St Pat’s day? It was going to be somewhat colder here today so I figured this could be my last hurrah to wear the heavy sweaters.
This handknit sweater (by me) was knit in squares and then sewn together. I made it early in my knitting days so I didn’t know how to size it. Therefore, it’s VERY oversized.

So much so that I actually donated it to Rob. But I steal it back occasionally. In fact, I just read an article in Cosmopolitan titled “Ugly sweaters stolen from our moms/nanas/grandpas” (remember Cosmopolitan magazine is catered to young girls, haha). Anyway, they said these “unique” pieces can be edgy and cool again. That’s why I added in the fun booties.

I did belt the sweater just for a different look. Normally I wear this cardigan as a jacket since it’s so big.
And the hat was a morning accessory since I was off to get my hair cut!!

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