Weekly Wrap Up 3.20.21

Weekly Wrap Up 3.20.21

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Weekly Wrap Up 3.20.21


This weekend wasn’t too busy!! But we did go out early Sunday morning for some photos for my work with goPure beauty and the reward is going out to breakfast. Even though we are on a nutrient dense eating plan, we do find food that we can eat without guilt at many restaurants in the area. This was the Breakfast Kitchen Bar.
Those pancakes above are made with rolled oats flour, flaxseeds, chia seeds, and protein powder. My choice was a quinoa bowl with all kinds of veggies.


I noticed by posting these daily outfits that I have been wearing jeans/pants most days. And I love dresses and skirts too.

Did you know that skirts are actually easier to wear/fit? The reason is there aren’t as many fit points in a skirt. (this information is from my mother the seamstress). Just think about it. A skirt needs to fit in the waist (and maybe the hips depending on the style). Sure, you might include length in that fit point too, but it can vary a tad more easily.

So I grabbed this skirt that my mom made me years ago. It’s put together with many scraps of leather and seems somewhat “western” for me. That’s why I paired it with my cowboy boots. I had a friend on Instagram ask about styling cowboy boots, so I may explore this idea more.

PS. Have you learned how to tie a bow perfectly?? I finally figured out an easy way to show you how to do this. I was able to upload the video to YouTube, so you can learn how to do it too!! It’s a short video (under a minute) and if you’re anything like me, you’ll need to practice it many times before you remember it without the video.


I don’t have a selfie for today because we left early this morning to go out and take blog photos around the area. You’ll see this outfit next month on the blog, so stayed tuned. It’s an interesting concept for outfits.
The rest of the day was trying on my Fashom box and taking photos/videos with the items. If you’re not familiar with any of the clothing boxes, I did compare three popular ones in a non biased blog post.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Of course I had to wear green for the day. Maybe you recognize this blouse from some of last week’s outfits of the day along with the photos of Rob and I above. I’m trying to show how versatile it can be, so keep your eyes peeled!!

Since I’m just hanging around the house today, I paired the dress with sneakers. I know this isn’t a new trend, but sneakers and dresses fit into that yin/yang of styling for me.

The funny thing is we decided to take a walk down to the library in the afternoon, and I didn’t want to totally change. So I just added a pair of jeans under the dress (and a jacket).


Another day, another cowboy boots outfit. Actually I just received this dress from Banana Republic by using my rewards. And while it’ll be perfect for the summer here, I wanted to wear it now, so I layered it!

We were off for massages this morning, so I added a hat. My hair is ALWAYS a mess after the appointment.

I feel this need to have some color in every outfit, so I added in my Gibby’s scarf since they are so easy to tie. I really wanted a yellow scarf, but all of my yellow ones are bigger.
My Gibby’s discount is available through March 31, so don’t delay. JodieTOS25W gives you 25% off the already low prices, and you’re going to realize how easy they are (and soft) once you get them.

And I feel like this hat is vintage. In fact, I thought my mom gave it to me, but she denies it. It’s big though, so I had to add some hat tape. Did you know you can use hat tape to make hats fit?? It’s been a great discovery for me (that’s how I can steal my hubby’s hats too).


And happy Friday!! I wore the dress for any upcoming #TwinningTuesday post on Instagram and added this cardigan from one of my Fashom boxes because I did a FB live about my newest box (here’s the link if you want to see it)!! If you’ve never tried one of these clothing boxes, I have to admit, I like them more than I ever thought I would. Especially Fashom because it’s more budget oriented. With my link above you can get $20 to spend on any item (and I get $20 too).
I did write an unbiased post comparing the boxes I’ve tried and if you try it, make sure to communicate a LOT with your stylist. That makes it more successful!

Recognize these sneakers?? They are my Jambu ones and I thought they springified the outfit nicely. My discount code for 20% off any Jambu purchase (JTOUCHS21) is good until May 30, 2021.

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