Weekly Wrap Up 3.27.21

Weekly Wrap Up 3.27.21

I appreciate each and every share. Thank you!

Weekly Wrap Up 3.27.21

I think the warmer weather has made it so nice to be able to get out and about more comfortably! We are trying to take advantage of it as much as possilble.


On Friday evening, the two of us had a date night where we went to the Arizona Botanic Gardens. It’s truly so amazing the different kinds of cactus especially in the spring is when so many of them “bloom.”
Of course the outing had to include a “snack.” The drinks were non alcoholic but the limeade probably overloaded our sugar input for the entire month!! LOL!

Since you see outfits all week long, and both Saturday and Sunday I changed clothes many times for multiple photo shoots and video, I thought I’d include an example of our nutrient dense “lasagna.” I put the term lasagna in quotes only because Rob calls it a veggie casserole. But it’s meant to mimic lasagna.
The noodles are butternut squash sliced thin, the ricotta cheese is made from cashews and the beef is grass fed (and all that healthy stuff).
If you’re wondering, it’s actually delicious. The noodles were a tad crunch, so I might try cooking them before I assemble it next time.


Wearing this brown, sleeveless shirtdress in a whole different way today. What do you think?

I like the idea of having it as a third piece over this other dress because the other dress seems a tad short especially when I sit down.
(Do you do the “sit down test” when you wear a dress??

QUIZ…how many prints am I wearing?? I asked in my Instagram stories if it was too much or if it worked. The overwhelming majority said it worked!!
Answer to the quiz at the end of the post!!

Today was a work on the blog day at home which means a lot of computer work, along with some video action and changing clothes!! We also took a walk since the weather here has been fabulous!!

BTW, these shoes are the “Sloan Pump” from Walking Cradles. It’s such a sexy shoe and only a 2.5 inch heel that is SO easy to walk in because it’s wider.


Lesley and I traveled out to the White Tank Mountains as reconnaissance for upcoming blog photos. We left Rob at home to deal with the internet service guy who was over to make our internet speed faster.

It was a cooler day today, so I pulled out this lightweight sweater that I thrifted years ago. I rarely wear it yet I’m not sure why. I think because it’s tunic length.

QUIZ for today: How many layers am I wearing on top?

I’m still working with these cowboy boots. I don’t see many women wearing them yet I feel like we should wear what we have in our closets. So I tucked them into skinny jeans. That’s one reason why I don’t think skinny jeans will totally leave our closets!!

This evening we watched the movie On the Basis

of Sex. We borrowed it from the library and I just loved it. I didn’t realize that this legal setting was Denver, CO. And I have to admit that luckily I missed a lot of the bias. I’m sure, I’ve had SOME discrimination for being a female, but not as obvious as in the movie.
If you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend it!


Does it count as wearing a dress if I have leggings on under it?? I know you guys laugh at me for always being cold, but that’s me. So I might as well dress accordingly!!

At least it’s warm enough to bare my ankles and give these low heeled pumps a day out. They are Walking Cradles “Bristol” with only an inch heel, so I will be able to wear them all day.

Since it’s spring, the other thing on my feet daily are my Sheec no show socks…the ones that stay on even with a pump like these. Since it’s spring, I have a new code you can use “SpringJodie” for 15% off. These are the Ultra low cut liners. If I’m wearing sneakers, then I wear my low cut socks.

This dress was given to me from a friend which is the best kind of thrifting in my opinion. If worn all by itself, it’s a tad (what’s the word?) minimal, lots of bare skin….you know?? So I’m trying to make it work for other seasons besides summer.

Quiz-Would you call this a failure or success? (no answer to this below because it’s a personal preference. But I will say that I like how the photo looks. I wasn’t too sure when I put it together in my closet!

BTW, there is a pin/brooch on the scarf to attach it to the white shirt. Otherwise it was flying around too much.


Welcome to Wickenburg, AZ where the light posts have cowboy hats and there’s a miner and donkey on the sidewalk. LOL!!
It was so fun to explore the museum of this cowboy town!! We even “gathered” at the saloon but the service was really slow, haha!
Quiz: Can you guess what the big mining product was??


The outfit was pulled together because there is a trip to mom’s doctor today. I always like to dress a tad more professional when we visit a professional office. Maybe I’m crazy, but I do think it shows respect to who we are visiting.

This dress is a vintage piece that my mom recreated to fit me and my style. I just wish we had taken photos of it before, during and after!!

Since it’s springtime, I added a lime green, linen, thrifted jacket!! I love how it adds such lightness to the black and white.

Plus, I added in personality with the leopard shoes. These are Walking Cradles “Sloan” pumps and add some print mixing to keep the outfit from being boring!!! BTW, Walking Cradles is having a Hop into Spring sale (25% off full priced shoes–see that tab on their site) which is better than my discount until April 5. This Sloan shoe is part of the sale and also comes in pure black! If you purchase any shoe through my link, I could receive a commission, so thank you!

Answers to Quiz questions

Answer to quiz on Monday’s outfit: 4–my dress, shoes, earrings and bracelet. The bracelet and earrings are hard to see except close up, but that’s part of the point!!!
Answer to quiz on Tuesday’s outfit: 3–the sweater, the collared shirt (which is sleeveless) and a long sleeve tee under that.
Answer to quiz on Thursday: Gold

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