Weekly Wrap Up 4.10.21

Weekly Wrap Up 4.10.21

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On Saturday, we first went to another free barre class so I didn’t get dressed until after lunch and a shower.

If you’ve never tried a barre class, it’s like a combination of aerobics, yoga and pilates. These free classes we’ve been able to attend are outside at a mall area about 30 minutes from our house.
The best part is we don’t need masks. This Saturday’s class was a tad warm and on the roof top of the parking garage which wasn’t as fun.
But my rear is darn sore to prove that I haven’t been working out like I should.

I laughed when I put this outfit together that Coco Chanel would have kicked me to the curb. It’s the outfit of too much but that’s me in a nutshell. Plus I love it all!!

These jeans really get so much attention when I wear them. They aren’t in stock anymore, but sometimes you can find them on Poshmark. When I posted this photo, there was a size medium available on Poshmark here (they are even new with the tags on for only $12).
If you get them, I would recommend to reinforce all of the flowers (the flowers are only on the front of the jeans), because a couple of mine have come off and I’ve had to reattach them.

Happy Easter from Rob, Charlotte, Lesley and I!

We celebrated Easter by giving the cook (me) and the clean up crew (Rob) the day off, LOL!! We tried out a restaurant called the Herb Box and the photo above was our appetizer for the table. Lots of good things that were good for our nutrient dense way of eating. (I won’t tattle on us that there were some drinks and dessert involved, haha)

As for my dress, isn’t it just something else? I rented it (and the cutest purse ever) from a company called Wear Wardrobe. I wouldn’t call the dress flattering per se, but it is a showstopper!! I have rented dresses from Rent the Runway even before I was blogging, and it’s a wonderful concept for certain occasions.


Another day trying to figure out ways to wear these wide leg, “cropped” pants. Today, I was trying them out with a long cardigan.
I know the “rule” is to wear something more fitted with a pant like this, but let’s be real. We don’t always want to do that!

This corset top is old and from my working days. I used to wear it under my blazers, and it’s one of those pieces I realized wasn’t getting worn since I started hanging my hangers backwards. I’ve seen women layer a corset top over a button up blouse too, and I may have to try that (when it cools down).
Because this corset top is so lowcut, I ended up wearing my fashion forms from my strapless bra post (I wore the individual ones #8 in that post).

It was so warm today, that we even took a trip to the rec center to visit the walking pool. Seriously, it was over 90 degrees outside, but when we got to the pool, the water was just a tad too chilly (plus it was windy out). So we ended up just hanging out in the hot tub.

Therefore we had to get some “movement” in somehow, so we did a stretching class with my Yoga Collective membership. It’s an online yoga that I talked about a couple of years ago on the blog. I’m sure there are free classes on YouTube too, but this is less than $10 a month, so we figure if we do it once for both of us, it’s a good deal.
We rarely do the hour classes. Usually the 20 minute ones are our favorite, and lately we concentrate on stretching more than the yoga.
BTW, I did reach out to Yoga Collective to offer you a discount code after I paid for my membership and really enjoyed it. I have no idea if it still is in effect, but if you’re interested, it can’t hurt to try. (3 months of this online yoga for only $10 with the code Jtouch.)


Here is what my husband calls the “crazy” shirt. I posted a video on how to do this on Instagram and YouTube because it’s such a creative idea. Now I wouldn’t say this works with every button up shirt. In fact, you can see how these two don’t line up as nice as the two in the videos. And these two blouses are stiffer than the original two I used. So it didn’t drape as nicely (not as obvious in the photos, but more about how it felt when I wore it during the day).
But I think it’s a fun trick to have up your sleeve that fits in with my Shop Your Closet series about Unconventional Ways to restyle your pieces.

Because I knew the shirt would expose the back of the dress, I ended up wearing my fashion forms again. Only today I wore the connected ones (#10 in the strapless bra post)


Okay, okay. I didn’t really wear these jammies all day. But this was a day of lots of outfit changes again so I thought I’d showcase these adorable jammies that I won a couple of months ago in an Instagram giveaway.

I may not wear shorts quite this short out in public, but in our hot, hot summer, I definitely wear them to bed.

These are from the Pajama Princess. Truthfully, I wouldn’t spend this much on jammies except that I had won a gift card. But I had to get them because of the cacti as part of the print. (BTW, there are sales items on her site under the final few tab if you’re interested).

One of my friends recently shared this 30 minute video with me! I shared it with my email subscribers, and one lovely woman suggested I should share it on the blog too since it was a wonderful voice of reason regarding coVid and the vaccine.
I really wanted to research more about the topics, but I know I’ll probably never get around to it. But if I share it, then you can look into it too!
I know the information about the Vitamin D was very enlightening, and I need to make sure I get back to taking it regularly!!


We were so lucky to meet up with Cheryl today for some photos (that’s the reason you don’t get the full length photos….you’ll see that on the blog at the end of the month)
Who is Cheryl? She has a blog called Southwestern Desert Living. We “met” each other for the first Forever Fierce campaign 4 years ago which you can read about here. Since then we have met in person a couple of times and I love to call her a friend. She is a dear, dear woman, and I hope you check out her site too!!
Since we were meeting up, she even graciously okayed to be part of the theme for the posts!! You’ll see more when the time comes!!


I decided to give these gingham pants one last romp for the spring, because it will probably be a tad too warm for them soon.

This blouse hadn’t been worn all winter (I could tell since I’ve been turning my hangers around backwards). And when I put it on, I remembered that the sleeves always get so wrinkled. It’s hard to see in this photo but there is a seam part way down the sleeve, so I just ripped out the seam and sewed it up so it’s now a short sleeve blouse.
I’ll be wearing it much more in the heat now!

These fabulous sandals are the Betsy Johnson brand which I have become such a fan. So whimsical and fun. Lesley asked me if they were comfortable.
My response? Not as comfy as Walking Cradles, but luckily comfy enough. I did change out the buckle strap to velcro because it makes them SO much easier to get on and off.

Insider tip: I have a YouTube video showing how to do this and it’s SUPER easy.

The only reason I added a hat today is because I’m off for a facial, and she always messes up my hair so much, LOL!

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