Weekly Wrap Up 4.17.21

Weekly Wrap Up 4.17.21

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Today was a warm day and we were going to be at a surprise party in the evening outside. Therefore, I wanted something easy and fun!!

I realize not everyone is a fan of jumpsuits, but there are some that are better than others. This one is relatively easy on/off with only 3 buttons IN THE FRONT. I never understood why you would put the zipper or closure on the back of these!!

This one is from my latest Fashom box (it’s not a subscription box, just one sent when you request it.) My stylist and I communicate well, and she is great at sending me the things I love.

FYI, If you want to try them out, this link will give you $20 to spend (and I get $20 too). I have written a post about comparing 3 of these services. And if you would like to try it out, I suggest reading the tips to make ANY of these services successful.

BTW, you can request the jumpsuit too!! I love how it’s loose for the heat and you don’t need a lot of accessories to finish it off. In fact, these ties on the shoulder straps are connected, but only by a little seam. They would be super easy to remove if you didn’t like them!!

I wore my metallic pink sandals this day, but don’t think I won’t experiment with my yellow ones, blue ones, and white ones too. In fact, I think green sandals would be a great contrast!!


I wanted to prove that I am taking the suggestions offered about decorating my entry way from this blog post.
We moved the mirror to hang over the table and are experimenting with decor on the table. (In fact, you can see I didn’t remove the tag from the one piece, LOL)

The circle rug was switched out to another place in the house, while we used the kitchen rug for the entry way. AND added some bigger decor around the thermostat.
I also ordered a large metal wall hanging to be on the long wall where the mirror was in the original post. My thinking is I should also paint the wall, but who knows. My friend, Em, found a great program where you can try out color virtually before you ever pick up a paint brush. I’ll have to work on that!


We had a crazy morning today!! Our electric company finally came out to replace the transformer that had been leaking after 2 months of calling them. WITHOUT NOTICE!! So there they are at 8 am to say that 18 houses would be without electricity for an hour.
That meant the morning started without breakfast until they were done and we were scrambling to let the neighbors know!

I’m challenging myself to alternate between dresses and pants so I wear more variety!! And I was working on my print mixing skills. I’m not 100% sure about this combination, but my motto is you won’t know until you try!!

Again, I wore my Jambu sneakers during the day, and then for evening I switched them out for my peep toe shoes I recently showcased.
My discount for Jambu is still good until the end of May. Use Jtouchs21 for 20% off any purchase.

One of my good friends was out here because one of her friends bought a place in Sun City too!! We were invited over for dinner, and had a wonderful evening hanging out!


Today we went out somewhat early to pick up my remedy from my naturopath, so we decided to take photos too!
I’m working on some ideas for upcoming blog posts about bermuda shorts (this pair is from Kancan denim) and also about belts.

BTW, I knit this sweater. Somehow I wonder if I knew I would move to a warmer state, because why else would I knit a short sleeve sweater? LOL!!

AND these new sandals? I’m working with Blowfish for an Instagram collaboration and I chose these beauties. This pair can be found on Zappos and they come in two other colors too.
I wouldn’t say they have as much support as Walking Cradles sandals, but they were very comfy and the strap between the toes didn’t bug me at all!! You know how some flats are hard and too flat? These may not have any added arch, but they do have a softer insole and flex very nicely.


This was only the first outfit of the day. Sometimes I put together ideas in my closet, that just don’t materialize how I imagined them!!
I’m trying to alternate between dresses and pants/shorts so this was a dress day.

And I wanted to casualize this dress that my neighbor gave me. I ended up with a pair of pink sandals and found a couple of other options for an upcoming Instagram video. Make sure to follow me on Instagram to see all kinds of other outfits and inspiration!!

Rob had a dental appointment this morning to get a new crown. Our dentist has one of those crown machines that makes the crown while you wait. I can see how people who like to tinker with mechanical things just LOVE those new technological items. A couple of my dental school friends had this machine and loved it. To me, I worried about all that could go wrong with it, haha!!
Give me clothes to tinker with and alter and I’m a happy girl instead!


I just had to try layering a skirt under another skirt. When my mom and Lesley are talking about fashions from their younger days, the crinoline skirt theme comes up. So I figured, why not layer a tulle skirt under another skirt. In fact, it could be a fabulous way to “lengthen” a skirt that seems a tad short? (Another secret to make fixes in your closet).
I have worn this red plaid skirt by itself to show different color combinations with it!!
BTW, you can see in the title photo how I wrapped this Gibby’s scarf around the cut out strap of the top (that link should give you 25% off any Gibby’s scarves or headbands. I am a HUGE fan). AND I added in yellow with my earrings and bracelets.

The other exciting things for the day was that I won this LaBante London tote from an Instagram contest. It’s quite the luxurious tote with a removeable smaller clutch that can be used by itself or inside the bigger tote.

Insider tip: I wrote a blog post about tips for entering giveaways. I have amassed quite a few goodies this way, and if you ever have questions, I’m happy to help.


These pants aren’t what I’d normally wear to a doctor’s office, but we have blog photos scheduled this evening, and what if the doctor’s appointment runs late?? So there will be a quick removal of the jacket and shoes after the visit!!

You’ll see the outfit at the end of the month when 8 decades of women showcase statement pants!! Now if that isn’t going to be fun, I don’t know what is, LOL!!

For our blog photos tonight we are going on a sunset cruise around a local lake. There’s even live music, so we might be dancing and singing too!! I’m so excited that we can go out and have fun again!!

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