Weekly Wrap Up 4.24.21

Weekly Wrap Up 4.24.21

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Friday Night

We went on a music sunset cruise on Lake Pleasant on Friday night. It was absolutely fabulous! The funny part was the music group was called Mayberry Blues. A blues band, right? Well, nope. They were more of a rock n roll/country duet. We decided they needed a name change, haha!!!


The weather has cooled down enough that I can get the last wear out of my long sleeves tops and booties for a couple more days.

Although I am vacillating about altering the sleeves on this puppy. There is a seam where the flare begins, so I could just remove the flare. Or I could take in the flare.
What’s your vote??

I am never sure if this is a dress or tunic. I’ve worn it as both before but today I decided to wear it over my new bermuda shorts. I really like how they make it more modest, yet don’t really call much attention to themselves!!

And come on!! Can you believe how these Theresa Rose earrings match so perfectly?? I couldn’t have planned it any better!!

And here’s a great way to way bermuda shorts if you’re on the fence about the style. Wear them almost as leggings!! Don’t worry, I have a post in the works about styling them.


You’re going to laugh because I got dressed thinking it would be nice and warm. And then I was freezing!! So I did a quick change after breakfast, and then changed back to the shorts after lunch!!!
I was trying to incorporate the idea of a headscarf to cover my messy hair after seeing Liz talk about them on her blog. The ends of the scarf seemed too much, so I just twirled them around each other and used an elastic hair tie to hold them together.

Insider tip: I use these elastic bands for SO many things. In fact, they are perfect for my belt trick too!!

Notice there was a photo bomber in the second photo, haha!! The top is a new to me brand called Alembika which I will showcase soon. And the colorful sneakers are my favorite Walking Cradles shoes this spring (the Orleans in tie dye)!!


I chose this dress today specifically because the hanger wasn’t turned around yet. If you are new here, then I’ve been experimenting to see how many of the items I really wear in my closet.

The idea even started my Shop Your Closet series of posts so that we can wear what we have and not always think we need to buy new.

The entire outfit minus the shoes are preloved things. The white dress and gold cardigan were hand me downs from friends, and the belt was thrifted.

These red sandals are Walking Cradles brand and are called “Lydia”. They are available still in 8 different colors. I love how they have a heel, but it’s less than 2 inches so very functional.

We watched the Star Trek Beyond movie tonight. I’m not a huge trekkie, but I have to admit that the show was quite forward in their thinking about strong women!! Makes me want to watch it more, LOL


I loved this dress when I saw it in my friend’s new spring collection on Belong Lifestyle USA. After posting it in my Instagram stories and hearing how it might be overpowering on me, I asked Lana the length and where the second ruffle ended. I figured that maybe taking off the last ruffled piece would be better on me!! And I think I was right!!

The question I’m going to pose in an Instagram video in May is all about which shoes I should wear with it?? If you’re following me on that social channel, I hope you’ll weigh in!


I’m supposed to be alternating between pants and dresses, but I’m wearing this hot pink dress for an upcoming Instagram collaboration.
Yet in the idea of wearing my closet, I did pair it with a cardigan that has sparkles and glitter in it. It’s one of those I usually “save” for dress up. And here it is styled with sneakers.

The other concept that I’m working on more and more is layering my necklaces. I’m still not sure about this example, but I did mix gold with silver. And I won’t learn if I don’t keep trying!!

I’ve worn this dress on the blog years ago with a kimono back when Lesley wasn’t a regular on our blog but had stepped in to help out when my stepmom was on sabbatical. Have we all changed much in 3 years?


So you don’t get an Outfit of the Day today because it’s a special themed blog post where the three of us are wearing the same tunic!! 3 different ways of course!! But I’ll let you tag along to the exhibition at the Phoenix Art Museum called Fearless Fashion.


This is only my “day” outfit because we are going to a local play tonight, so I will put on a skirt and heels! Hey!! I figure that since we get to go out in public now, I might as well wear my cute clothes!!

This top was from a collaboration 2 years ago with National. The blouse is still available for a steal if you are interested. I am such a fan of embroidery and then there’s texture in the body of the blouse too!

I paired pink sandals with it only because I haven’t worn these as much. I have the same pair in red and Lesley has two pair also. They are a comfy flat sandal that is affordable from DSW!!

Thank You

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I hope I say thank you enough because your support allows me to continue this journey which I just LOVE!!!
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