Weekly Wrap Up 4. 3. 21

Weekly Wrap Up 4. 3. 21

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Weekly Wrap Up 4. 3. 21

It’s definitely “spring” here in Arizona now. Not like the springs we used to have in Colorado which were all about snow. No, we are having warm weather where I can actually wear sandals and we sit out on our patio for lunch or dinner (it’s still a tad chilly in the mornings to eat out there for breakfast).


On Saturday, we took photos and went “hiking”. Okay, it was more of a walk but here’s proof that we all went!! This is at the White Tank Mountains and they have these petroglyphs which are so cool!!

Happy Palm Sunday!
On Sunday, I had to start out with a cardigan, but then it got wonderfully warm so I could take it off. Except when we went to the grocery store because it’s always cold in there, LOL!

This cardigan is from Time for Me Catalog. They sent this to me as a gift. I am not working with them (yet) so I don’t have a discount code, but they remind me of Soft Surroundings if you’re interested.

In order to have fun with my outfit today, I tried some print mixing with the top and cardigan. I also rolled up the pants to give it a different proportion.

The hair is a mess because I just blew it dry and didn’t style it!! That’s what weekends are for, right??


Off to another appointment. This one is to update our wills!! DO YOU HAVE YOURS UPDATED?? This was the preliminary appointment as now we have some “homework”. Isn’t that always the case?? LOL!! Not as fun as putting together outfits and blog posts, but very important.

This is a t-shirt dress from Old Navy. The funny thing, look how short is it on the model…obviously the model is much taller than 5’2″. (the olive green color is available in many more sizes and even less expensive).

Since we were going to a lawyer’s office, I threw a blazer over it. I want to point out that the stripe in the dress is light blue, yet my blazer is mint green. And yet, I still think it works!! Proof, that you don’t HAVE to match.

I’m reading The Art of Racing in the Rain for our online FB book club. Feel free to join the group. It’s fun to read different books, and we “discuss” them one week of the month in FB posts. During the week of the discussion there are 2 posts a day with questions so you can answer and participate at your leisure.


Today was a dental cleaning appointment. I just love having my teeth cleaned, but I’m lucky that I don’t have a lot of issues. I didn’t need a jacket for our weather today, but put it on just in case the dental office was cold!!

These are wide leg cropped pants. And I know many women say they aren’t flattering. BUT I WANT TO SAY, that they aren’t all created equally. Besides, didn’t anyone else feel that way about skinny jeans when they first came out?
I know I never thought I would ever wear them, LOL!!

In the evening, we watched Pavarotti. It was basically his biography with interviews from some of the people in his life. Rob is a fan of opera, and while I didn’t know anything about Pavarotti, it was SO interesting.
And I always seem to like any of Ron Howard’s directing!


I’m almost embarrassed to say that I bought this dress in November on Small Business Saturday and hadn’t worn it yet. In my head I was thinking it was a summer dress. Which in reality it is.
Yet after my Shop Your Closet post about not categorizing your clothing, I should know better, haha!! I will challenge myself to wear it next winter with some boots…somehow!!

But it’s such a cute dress and so appropriate for AZ with the colorful cacti!! Those crazy shoes?? They are some whimsical, Betsy Johnson sandals that one of my Instagram friends and I both purchased. I did convert the buckle ankle strap to velcro and this time even kept the buckle on it!!

Insider tip: Converting your ankle straps is SUPER easy. I have a YouTube video showing how it’s done.

We had recently bought two different fruits at Sprouts. A dragon fruit and a pepino melon. We tried both of them and weren’t too impressed. But then again, it could have been a bad batch. Just like sometimes the mangos are super sweet and sometimes they aren’t.


This is NOT what I wore all day only because I changed about 5 times. We were working on photos and video for some upcoming collaborations (mostly for Instagram). I was saying how I felt like an actress in a Broadway play with all of the costume changes, LOL!!

BTW, these tie dye sneakers are Walking Cradles “Orleans” and they really go with so much. I think they look like a watercolor painting!
Both the dress and jean jacket were thrifted in the last year!! IN fact, you can witness how I seem to have a denim jacket addiction in this recent video on Instagram. (You’ll see the shoes again too in that video. Not on purpose, but I’ve just been wearing them a lot because they are so comfy and so springy!!)

Then in the evening we went to the USS Arizona Memorial gardens. It’s a tribute to the lives lost at Pearl Harbor. We planned to get there at sunset because those posts in the water and on land are supposed to light up. However, they light up at nautical twilight, not civilian twilight? Who knew there was a difference?
It was still very moving and presented so wonderfully.


I’m trying very hard to take my own advice and wear everything I have in my closet. For example this dress (which looks like a skirt) is one that I usually wear for “fancy” events. You can see it worn that way here.
So I layered a striped top over the dress and paired it with sneakers to make it work for an everyday outfit.

I had to add some color, so I tied on a Gibby’s scarf and coral leather earrings from Theresa Rose.
Gibby’s discount is JodieTOS25SPR

If you missed my shop your closet series, I hope you check it out here. It always behooves us to figure out how to wear what we already have and make it fun!!
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