Weekly Wrap Up 5.1.21

Weekly Wrap Up 5.1.21

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I wore the same pants as I did the day before. Unless my pants get really dirty, I don’t wash them every time I wear them. In fact, when I was working, I would wear the same pair all week long. It certainly reduced the decisions about what to wear for each day.

This outfit was shared on my Instagram stories as how I put it together. The reason I chose the top was because the hanger hadn’t been turned around yet, so I knew I hadn’t worn it within the last year.
More information about this idea in the post about how to purge your wardrobe more sustainably.

The look felt a little blah to me so I made sure to front tuck the top (otherwise it was a 50/50 proportion that seemed frumpy) and then I added in statement shoes.
These sneakers are the Walking Cradles Orleans style, and I have them in 6 different prints. Their sale site still has this silver glitter version (along with the black glitter which I also have) but all shoes are final sales on the sale site.

To add more sass to my outfit, I also included a sparkle necklace and pearl earrings!!
Remember, sparkle and glitter shouldn’t be saved for just “special” times since every day is a gift.

I took most of the day off to jigsaw puzzle with the neighbors. That and we had a quick dip in the community pool and hot tub once the sun went down.


You’ve heard of double denim, right? I decided to play with double camo.
If you don’t like the idea of wearing camo, I get it. Trust me when I say, I never thought I’d be wearing it as a fashionista. But it’s very modern and stylish right now.

Heck, the three of us wore it recently (even Lesley who was less than excited about the idea, LOL).

I kept the look casual with my thrifted Converse sneakers. If you have ever tried Converse sneakers they are NOT quite as comfy as my Walking Cradle ones. They just have no support in them. Therefore, I am trying out some inserts for arch support called Soul Insoles. I usually wear my custom made orthotics with these shoes. But if you don’t have custom made arch supports, then I am really liking these Soul Insoles.

And it won’t be long where it’ll be too hot for necklaces, so I pulled out a bright and colorful one!!


It’s cooling down for the next couple of days, so I’m going to try to wear jeans, boots or sweaters/jackets since they’ll be put away for the rest of the summer.

This sweater is a handknit one, and I tried styling it over a striped top. Rob likes it better over a solid colored top, but I wouldn’t know unless I tried it.

And I brought out the cowboy boots again. I just love them with these cropped pants so you can really appreciate the design.
BTW, I’ve worn these cropped pants 5 different ways on the blog.


Just call me Kermit, LOL!! Who knew I would become such a fan of camo in the last couple of years? Since I won’t be wearing these camo jeans again (at least here in AZ) until October, I gave them a style farewell today.

I usually love to pair bright colors with my camo pieces, but I decided to stick with a more monochromish look (including some print mixing, of course. It’s hard to see, but the cardigan has an argyle print on the bottom half).

My earrings are pink though. I’m practicing our idea of adding in pops of different colors from the blog posts this week. As you can see, it’s not super obvious, so it’s a great way to dip your toe in the water if this styling tip scares you!!


Dresses are truly the clothing item of choice when it gets warmer. I understand palazzo pants (I love those too) and shorts or capris, but the airflow with a dress can’t be beat!! Anyone who comes to visit in the summer months, take note!! (MK, I’m talking to you)

Luckily the mornings are still cool enough so I layered a lightweight cardigan that I’ve had for ages!!

And the print belt?? It’s actually a Gibby’s scarf that I added to the existing metal pieces. These scarves have been such a terrific addition to my scarf collection!! If you go through my link, you can get 25% off until the end of May. Considering they are about $10 then, I would suggest getting a couple. I wear them all the time, and they are the right size for decoration on your purse too!

The other detail is these Walking Cradles Orleans Tie Dye sneakers. I swear they go with so much. I also think they are more vibrant than the photos on the website, which I prefer!!


Today it’s starting to heat up around here, so I grabbed my shorts!! I also added my rainbow striped top because it’s covered yet flowy.

You’ll see the matching skirt to this top in a post next week. That’s what made me think to pull it out for a normal day!!
In fact, you can see how I styled the set together for our Mother’s day post last year.

I have to confess that I rarely wore shorts until I started blogging. The fact that I’ve become more bold in my style AND living in Arizona has changed that considerably.
In fact, I’ll be creating a bermuda shorts post one of these days too.

This white pair of shorts is from my Fashom box. It’s a clothing box that you request when you want to, and with my link you get $20 to spend on any of your pieces. Even though I LOVE to shop, there are many advantages to having someone find things for you.
I had asked for a pair of white shorts with an inseam of 5″. That inseam detail isn’t always the easiest to find otherwise.

And don’t you just love that my Walking Cradles mules finish off the outfit so well?? These shoes are still available in very limited sizes on their sale site here. Of course the tie dye sneakers (from Wednesday) would have looked just as cute!


You know how I talk about the back view being just as important as the front view. That’s why I love this top so much!! It creates that asymmetrical idea from behind. PLUS it’s so lightweight that it can double as an infinity scarf too (watch my Instagram feed tomorrow for a quick video showing that)
Both the top and shorts are from my Fashom box. I know I just talked about them above, I am such a HUGE fan. If you want to check it out, my link gives you $20. I haven’t tried all the clothing box services out there, but I have compared 3 of the popular ones on my blog.

Are you wondering about the boots?? OMG, I’ve had these for over 30 years. Recently I saw an ad in InStyle Magazine showing a pair very similar (for over $1000), so I had to break this pair out and wear them.

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