Weekly Wrap Up 5.15.21

Weekly Wrap Up 5.15.21

I appreciate each and every share. Thank you!

Weekly Wrap Up 5.15.21

Another week of outfits, but not as much exploring. Only Friday was a day of exploration, but I’m saving most of the photos for the future blog post.


Capris?? You either love then or hate them. But I get tired of reading how women shouldn’t wear ANY kind or piece of clothing. I read a post lately where there were SO many comments how capris are frumpy.

Yet I have this belief that frumpy is not JUST one element. And of course I wanted to have all three of us style the item and hopefully show they can be fun and stylish.

I mean, do I look frumpy?? (BTW, the correct answer is no)

There will be a lot more details about this look on the blog post at the end of the month.

For our daily activity all of us went to the Mama Maker’s Event in Phoenix. It’s basically a craft fair and I love the idea of supporting the small businesses this way.

Then we came home and Rob and I cooked a Mother’s Day brunch for the moms!! Rob sautéed scallops while I made a salad and artichokes. Lesley had to work tomorrow, so that’s why we celebrated early.


Happy Mother’s Day !!

I tend to want to wear a “new” piece as soon as I get it. I found this polka dot top at a resale shop just yesterday. I vacillated over whether to buy it, but after wearing it around all day, I’m SO glad I did.

The reasons I really like it? The sleeves stay off the shoulder without my style hack (seen in this highlight video–fast forward to the 4th story) and I like the addition of the orange tie around the neck.
And, when I lean forward it doesn’t flash everyone!!

Today I wore it with my camo shorts (seen here worn 5 different ways) and orange sandals.
And of course, I wore a strapless bra. I actually tried to alter my bandeau bra (#5 from my blog post about strapless bras) to make it tighter. As long as I wore it upside down, it seemed to work better.
But I still like the fashion forms the best of all!!


I’m sure you’ve noticed that I rarely wear just solid pieces, so I figured I needed to see if I could do it, LOL!! Even though the top is more “fall” colored, I thought the pink skirt lightened it up nicely. It’s not much different than the theme we blogged about recently of springifying a fall color.

I bought the turquoise “ring” at the craft fair we visited over the weekend, and they showed it as a tie on a t-shirt. So that gave me this idea.

And these sandals are truly becoming a favorite because of the fun texture and design. I do add some arch support with my Soul Insoles to make them walkable.

Because the clothing pieces were solid colored, I also brought in some print with the Pam Neri earrings and Voogue Me glasses.


The days I don’t plan ahead what to wear tend to be the days I grab a dress. They are easy peasy because I don’t have to figure out the top/bottom details.

I did add a new belt to the mix from Target. Do you hate when the hole in the belt doesn’t come at the right spot?? Well, you won’t have this issue with this belt, haha! I did have to use my belt trick so the end doesn’t sag!

Even though I have plenty of beige shoes or red shoes, I wanted to try something unexpected. Thus welcome the lilac shoes and necklace!! Can you believe I don’t have lilac earrings?? Something I’m going to have to put on my wishlist!!

I’m still vacillating whether to keep these sandals or not. They are super comfy, but I almost think they don’t look great? Any opinions??

And I’m trying out a new hairstyle inspired by Deborah Darling!! I’m friends with her on Instagram, and recently watched her tutorial about her hair on her blog.


The only reason I chose these pieces are because of my closet experiment to turn the hangers backwards after I’ve worn something. And these two items had yet to be worn this year.
Sorry the photo is blurry…I was twirling, LOL!!

The sandals are a recent purchase from Goodwill….they had never been worn and will go with all of my bright outfits so fabulously.

And I added in a separate color with my accessories (you can’t see the bright pink bracelet) and this “necklace” is actually 3 necklaces layered together.
I’ve been trying to practice my necklace layering skills and I think I’m getting the hang of it!!

You can see the necklaces in more detail in my Instagram post here.


Today is a doctor’s appointment with my mom, so I pulled out a blazer. I’m still working my way through my closet to wear everything, which is why I grabbed this skirt.

The skirt used to be a sundress which I removed the top. Truthfully, it’s not the best job in the back, but usually it’s covered enough that no one notices!

I actually shortened my necklace a tad after seeing these photos because I don’t love the short “v” of this top. Maybe I should alter it?

For shoes I wore a snakeskin print sandal. Really, I wanted something different, but my dressier sandal selection is limited (seriously). I figured the snakeskin basically blended with my leg to look nude.

This pair is one that I used my velcro for the strap trick. Here is the link to the YouTube vide if you are interested. I finally figured out that I could leave the buckle on the very last hole on some shoes although I hadn’t done that on the first 20 pairs I converted!


Today we left bright and early for blog photos downtown where we were also going to tour a 1890’s Victorian house. I’ll be including photos of the house when I showcase the photos.
But I am including one photo above and see if you can guess what it is? Either a curling iron, glover stretcher or hair barrette?

Can you guess what the theme is for today’s photo shoot?? It’s not anything mind blowing, but something we wear quite a bit in the heat!!!

This new kimono is from my friend’s online shop Naomi and Ruth. While she doesn’t have a HUGE selection of things, I believe in supporting my friends ALONG with the fact that 10% of all sales go to a charitable organization. Normal everyday sales go to Dream Center here in AZ, while at her pop up events it can help other businesses or people.
The one pop up we attended a couple of months ago, proceeds went to help a man and his family who had been dealing with cancer for 9 years.

Thank You

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I hope I say thank you enough because your support allows me to continue this journey which I just LOVE!!!
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