Weekly Wrap Up 5.22.21

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Weekly Wrap Up 5.22.21

I’ve heard many women say that they haven’t been wearing makeup during the pandemic. And many days, I don’t either. In these photos, I wonder if you can even tell a difference? I will wear lipstick EVERY DAY because my lips have scarring on them and otherwise blend into my face.
Some days I will apply mascara and lipstick, and then the days we take our photos where we go out and about, I use foundation and eye makeup!! Yet it only takes me 5 minutes because I have a routine!!


Now don’t think this outfit lasted all day. This was a day of videos and some photos which means many clothing changes during the day and evening. But this is what I spend most of the day wearing.

I just received this whimsical necklace from Pam Neri. She has such fun and interesting pieces that you just don’t see elsewhere. And considering I don’t have many lime green accessories, I think this will go with a lot of summer outfits.

This kimono is from my Fashom box from last year before our Caribbean cruise (my link gives you $20 to spend and I get $20 too). I wrote about my newest spring box recently too because I think it’s such a wonderful service.
But I tucked the kimono into my dress straps to make it more like a bolero.

I also asked people on my Instagram stories if they wore shoes in the house. And I’m in the minority that I do. Even on knock around days, I put on a pair of shoes. At night I may replace them with slippers.

This morning was the Goodwill photo shoot. I was chosen to represent the handbag category, so I also brought 3 different fun purses with me to the location. After I chose this outfit, the coordinator also asked me if I could add a belt. So here were the options I brought for the photos.

While I wouldn’t have normally worn a belt with this dress, would you choose the black one or the brown one??

I do love a maxi dress because you’re covered yet they are cool in the summer. However, I don’t see many women wearing them as much lately. Maybe they are out of fashion (you would think I should know as a fashion blogger, LOL)? Anyways, I was thinking of maybe shortening this to be more midi length.


This top is one of my favorites because the color looks good on me even if I’m not wearing makeup. In fact today, all I added was lipstick.

My interesting tidbit about the look is I layered earrings!! This came about as a happy accident years ago when I put two different earrings in my ear. I don’t think to do it often, but I thought it worked great with these flat, lightweight earrings. The blue pair is from LDWatkins Design (which I won in an Instagram giveaway) and the pink pair is from Theresa Rose designs.


I wore my newest jumpsuit today that I wore in my Fashom review post. Normally I would wait before wearing it again, but it worked fabulously for a couple of Instagram challenge prompts (one was fuchsia and the other minimalism/maximalism).

Insider tip: Using my link to sign up for a Fashom box gives you $20 to spend on anything you decide to keep. I also have post with tips to make requesting any brands clothing box more successful.

What color shoes work with such a bright jumpsuit? You saw white booties in the original post and I wore rose gold sandals when I wore this to a birthday party (you can see that outfit here in a weekly wrap up post). So now I wanted to try a color that is in the jumpsuit….yellow. Yellow and pink are not a combination I would have worn much in my pre blogging years, but I do love it now.

I kept the rest of the outfit simple (who am I?). No bracelet or necklace and simple earrings. Heck, I didn’t even wear makeup (besides a swab of lipstick).


Much of this week’s outfits have been inspired by an Instagram challenge that I’m participating in. This prompt was a bright color with pastels. The funny thing is I consider this sweater bright because of the bits of orange and yellow, yet in the photo it doesn’t look all that bright.

Which is a good lesson of how taking a photo of our outfits can really change your perspective of the details we tend to obsess around.

And yes, I’m wearing the Blowfish sandals again because they really go with so much in my closet and are comfortable. Of course I added in the Soul Insoles too (they are reusable so I switch them from shoe to shoe). BTW, I don’t get a commission from either of these products through those companies. Just through my affiliate links.

This is one of my handknit sweaters. My first attempt was too big, so I handed it off to Nancy (you can see her wearing it here), and then I had enough yarn to make me another one.
It comes in handy for the cooler mornings and when we go inside any stores!!


Can you believe I’m basically in all neutrals? Although the top is really more of a mustard yellow!! The top used to be a dress. I bought it on Poshmark, and it was soo short. So I had my mother shorten it to a top!! It’s nice because when she did this, it created more of a peplum look too!

The necklace is actually backwards!! I would have NEVER thought to wear it this way until my mom came over to style me once. You should revisit those blog posts because they were so fun!!
It’s a great example of how a second set of eyes can “see” things so differently!!

Because I wasn’t wearing bright colors, I figured I’d add in some print mixing with the leopard sandals and tropical shorts.


Today is all about my go to summer style. It’s usually either dresses (because they are so much cooler in the hot weather) or shorts. And who knew I would love the bermuda shorts so much? I’m working to figure out the right proportions with them so they don’t look frumpy, and I’ll be posting about it soon!!

The kimono (and top) is from Time For Me Catalog and was sent to me as a gift. You’ll be hearing more about them soon so keep your eyes peeled!!
And these sandals are Walking Cradles and are called the Kendra (which basically the same as the Avery only with a taller heel). I wore the Avery’s on our Caribbean cruise on many of our excursions and then for dinner!! Comfort and style has become important to me!!

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