Weekly Wrap Up 5.29.21

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We were out bright and early to take some upcoming blog photos and you’ll see this dressed styled 2 different ways when it comes out.

I was gifted this dress last year from eShakti which is the coolest site for those of you who don’t sew. Why? Because you can customize your pieces to make the look you want. For instance, for most dresses you can change up the neckline, sleeves and length.
And the cost is not any more than what you would pay for a dress at Macy’s full priced, of course. YET, they also have a sale tab that is good to explore.

If you feel like you can’t find what you want at the stores or hate the idea of alterations, I think this site is a blessing. I don’t have a discount code or don’t receive a commission from this site. But I do think it can be beneficial for many women.

This dress came with a self belt, but I wore a different one with this. You can see how it looked with the original belt in my Instagram post from last year.

Are you shocked I matched the shoes to the dress?? Don’t worry, I switched them up for the other outfit option.


I had a hot date for the evening (it was Arizona Restaurant Week) so I changed before going out. The shorts outfit was mostly secondhand (the shorts purchased and the twinset given to me by a friend).
I also layered two pair of earrings, but the smaller ones flew to the back in the photo.

For our date, I wanted to have fun with adding a different color belt to this dress. Belts are such a personal preference like I showcased in the belt post recently. All of the accessories (minus the hair barrette) are thrifted!!


Since I showed my outfit change for Monday, here it is for today, LOL!! We finally made it to the gym because we don’t have to wear masks while working out now. I’m telling you, it’s much easier to get in shape when you can breath!!

The day outfit is an experiment on how to wear skirts that are a tad short in the summer. I touched on this in the winter and had a comment suggesting trying this for the summer months.


Today’s outfit was chosen because we are going shopping with a local friend. SO this is a lightweight yet long sleeve top because the stores are usually chilly.

This top was a recent purchase from a secondhand store, and it was new with the tags still on it. The material is super soft, so I couldn’t pass it up!! I don’t have a ton of summerish tunics so I thought it would get a lot of wear.
Besides I could also use it as a swimsuit coverup!!

I added a totally different color for my shoes and accessories. In fact, these sandals needed extra cushion since I knew we’d be shopping, so I wore my Sockshion from Sheec. I don’t need this in my Walking Cradle sandals, and I wouldn’t add them in for a day around the house, but they are perfect for a day of walking.

And since the shirt is open in the front, I grabbed my blue Ruby Ribbon bra since it looks like a cami instead!

Thanks to Rob for taking this photo since our ring light broke. We are ordering another one off of Amazon today…they are so helpful!!


Instead of an outfit photo since we took blog photos today, I thought I’d share the cutest golf cart we saw on the way to the library today!!
You’ll see the outfit on the blog in June!!


This top was one of the outfit changes from yesterday, since it didn’t really get dirty, I figured I’d wear it for the day today.
Do you wash things every time you wear them?? I try not to because not only is it hard on the clothing, it’s hard on the laundry girl, LOL!!

This long kimono I wore last summer showing 5 different kinds of outfits with which to wear it. It’s from one of my Fashom boxes (use my link to get a $20 credit). I figured it added a little print mixing.

Then I used some bright pink shoes, bracelet and earrings to give the outfit a pop of color.
Can you see the earrings? (Maybe easier to see in the top photo) They are part of a Strike Out Ageism campaign through my friend at Bias Cut out of England. You can see the collection here. I just love the idea that age shouldn’t be a deterrent to anything!!

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