Weekly Wrap Up 5.8.21

Weekly Wrap Up 5.8.21

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The highlight of the weekend was our venture out to the hot air balloon festival at sunset for the “glo” exhibition. When we first got there, we only saw 2 balloons, and I was disappointed. However, within the span of 20 minutes, there were many more balloons that went up. We were like kids in a candy shop with all the ooohing and aahing.

Here are just a few of my favorite photos from the night. I’ll include more when we post about our outfits from the night!! Isn’t it cool how you can see the fire light up inside that one balloon???
We were truly amazed at what a short time it took to inflate them. Here’s a quick video to see how close we were to the action!!! I think that was the best part.


Today I’m wearing 5 different prints. Can you find them all??
Obviously my top is polka dots (this was from a Fashom box–my link gives you $20 to use), and then the striped shoes!!

Both my Audra Style earrings and bracelet are colorful prints too. I added in these colors because I thought that accessorizing in only blue and white would be too matchy matchy. Which was the theme last week on the blog.

The 5th print is my Zenni glasses which are basically a purple polka dot!!

Now you tell me, is it too much??

We also went to the Botanic Gardens in the late afternoon, so I included some fun shots below. The green spindly things are Chihuly’s art at the entrance!!

It’s been wonderful because we bought a membership so we can slip over there (after making reservations of course. It’ll be even nicer when we don’t have to do that) for a quick jaunt.
We consider it a romantic date night, and let me tell you Monday evenings are the time to go. It was SO empty!!


Color was in order today for no other reason than every day is a gift, right??

This pink dress was made by my mother, and it’s nice and cool for the summer. Since I knew I would be down at the community jigsaw puzzle, I added a Halftee so I wouldn’t be flashing the neighbors when I bent over, LOL!!

If you haven’t checked out the Halftees yet, they are a modest way to cover up without a lot of bulk. Here is the link to the site (use code jtouch20 for 20% off). I have a couple for summer and a couple for winter.

Other ways to wear them
Helpful Ideas with Halftee Layering Fashions for Dresses
5 Variety of Styles for Wearing a Halftee to Stay Modest

For my bling for the day, I went with a totally different color and even added in a hair accessory!!

We also received our Imperfect Foods delivery today (we request it every other week and usually just get produce). Someone was asking me are the items “bad” because of the imperfect name. They aren’t damaged if you were wondering but they are not perfect in esthetics. In fact, one of my friends in Iowa gets Misfits Market which I think is a better name. But Misfits isn’t available here in my area.
For example, the carrots can have bends in them, or the apples aren’t perfectly round. That’s what makes them imperfect. Or they are smaller/bigger than usual.

I link to them in our “healthy” companies we use if you’re interested. You get a discount and then so do we.


Today was such a struggle. I finished knitting this tank for the summer, and then couldn’t figure out how to style it. I think it’s the length, so I’ll have to try my tying technique or possibly tuck it in.

Today I was trying to add in some mint color for an Instagram challenge which is what made me think to use the scarf. I thought maybe the “rose” would change the focal point of the wonky length.
I’m not loving it and will probably change it up before we go take photos this evening!

But like I always say, you never know until you try.

These rose gold sandals have been a great purchase. They have a little color but really almost blend into my skin so look almost invisible.

I’m also wearing another Halftee under this. You can see my midrift if you look closely but I’m okay with that.

And the earrings are Audra style which are so lightweight and colorful.

Then this evening when we took photos at a nearby park, we saw this peacock, and he was showing off for us. We were SO enthralled with it because I’ve never seen this before. Not even at a zoo.
So I had to share a quick video with you below!!


This is just the first outfit of the day, haha!! Because we are heading out to the White Tank Mountains for a photo shoot this afternoon, so I’m saving that outfit until later.

But I have to admit, that I do love these kinds of shorts. The kind that are more voluminous and can almost look like a skirt. I recently bought these on a Target trip (in the kid’s section).
I know you are marveling at how the bow is wonderfully horizontal and not all wonky. Trust me, it’s taken me awhile to figure this out, but I have a short (under a minute) video on how you can tie a bow like it too.

I love this top but I wanted to try my Ruby Ribbon bra under it to see if the bra would pass as a tank top instead of wearing my fashion forms. What do you think?

Interested in a comfortable strapless bra? I reviewed 10 different kinds (not just brands) and returned many. Here is the blog post that changed my mind of thinking a comfy strapless bra was a unicorn.

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