Weekly Wrap Up 6.12.21

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Our trip to Denver was the highlight of the last couple of days. While Rob went to his book conference, Nancy and I took the time to explore the Denver Botanic Gardens (staying in the shade as much as possible.) It’s not easy to see but I wore a casual dress and my hand knit sweater plus the sneakers I wore for my airport outfit (seen here)

We also were able to meet up with my cousin (in the floral dress) and her family to celebrate Nancy’s birthday (which isn’t until July but it’s good to celebrate when we are together). For this event, I chose an easy to wear dress that doesn’t wrinkle in the suitcase. I had my same sweater for the restaurant too!


Back to the hundred degree heat, so the daily outfits tend to be flowy!! While I wouldn’t call this “dress” flattering to my shape, sometimes I think we get too hung up on that idea. Sometimes it is fun to just like a piece of clothing and feel very comfortable in it.
Yet I don’t think this is frumpy because of the interesting print as opposed to wearing a shift dress that is solid colored and uninteresting.

Insider tip: Last fall I showed ways to transition this exact same dress to wear it for winter.

BTW, this dress I bought from one of my Fashom boxes (which you can read about here). I thought I’d wear it more as a swimsuit coverup, but it works many ways now that I’ve played with it.

I’m also wearing a red Ruby Ribbon bralette (which is actually quite supportive as a bra) so you don’t “notice” the bra straps. I think they look like part of the dress instead of “oops, my bra straps are showing”.

The sandals are from DSW and I’ve been surprised at how much a cognac pair of sandals is so versatile for the summer. (My pair isn’t still available but this pair is similar.)


I had a zoom call with a company who matches influencers with brands, so I figured a more solid colored dress would be better.

This is a dress I found and wore for our Caribbean cruise (and had to shorten about 5 inches). Truthfully when I wear it with my Shapeez bras (post about the bras I find comfortable here) it’s a tad tighter around the bust.
So I loved being able to wear it with my Ruby Ribbon bra because 1-it’s not padded so makes it not tight and 2-the light blue straps looks like the blue in the dress, so another intentional bra strap showcase.

I thought I would wear a pair of brown sandals but it seemed too boring, so I changed to this floral pair.

And the long necklace was a nice addition to the vertical stripes.
(Am I the only one that notices the poof of hair that is NOT cooperating, LOL?)


Truthfully I wasn’t feeling it this day. I think we all have days we feel in a funk, and this was one for me. In fact, once I loaded this photo I went to my closet and grabbed the yellow kimono, different earrings and headband.

The shoes are Atrex brand that I won in a giveaway. In fact, I then introduced the brand to you in a blog post because I know that comfortable shoes are always a big hit.


You’ll see this outfit on the blog in the upcoming month. It’s interesting to me how when I put the pieces together in my closet, I had the thought that it was TOO much color and print. Yet now that I see it on the computer screen, I don’t think so.
Granted, some of you may think it’s too much, LOL!

I only bought these pants last year from one of my Fashom boxes (use my link to get a $20 credit) and have worn them a couple of times. I’m sure the first thought is to wear them with white, but I wanted to find more combinations in my closet.

You can see the pants with orange and also with red in the post on how to style paper bag waist pants.

Insider tip: Just because the pants have a paper bag waist doesn’t mean you have to showcase it. I tucked the ties inside the pants and let the ruffle on the top hang over it.

I kept the shoe a neutral color and even added in a turquoise necklace.


Not that this is a normal “outfit” but I have my reasons!! We are heading to our mat pilates class and then since we will be out and about, I have a couple of errands I’d like to do. So I needed to make my workout wear seem more errands appropriate.

It’s actually a subject we talked about on the blog both for the winter months and the summertime. It may seem silly, but with a little planning, it’s not all that impossible. It’s also doable since our pilates class isn’t a sweat fest!!

I thought I was grabbing plain leggings, but instead they were these leggings with sheer pieces. I do think that finding modern leggings is one way to feel young!!

Then I just slipped on the same kimono from Wednesday (it’s not like it was dirty, and it covers my bum nicely), plus some easy on/easy off sandals.
I did add my Soul Insoles with the sandals since we would be walking. They transfer from shoes to shoes easily and I’ve really been impressed with how well they work.

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