Weekly Wrap Up 6.19.21

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Weekly Wrap Up 6.19.21

With the temperatures above 110 degrees most days, it’s been all about staying cool. We laugh that it’s no different than when we lived in Colorado in the winters and spent the days inside for the heat. Now we stay inside for the air conditioning.


The day started with a livestream yoga class, but I’m not showing that outfit, LOL!! However, the evening was a night to celebrate Lesley’s 71st birthday. She requested a sushi night out so we dressed up!!

I wore a new to me lemon skirt that one of my friends from Instagram sold me since it didn’t fit her. I paired it with bright pink since it was a fun and happy night.
Lesley wore a coral color dress under her kimono. The dress was a steal from Old Navy (found here) and the kimono she has worn with black in the past.
Notice how dapper my husband is in his Charlotte made vest and linen pants!!


Our upcoming week is going to be a scorcher with temperatures over 110 every day. Therefore a breezy dress is the answer, even when you’re hanging out inside all day!!

This maxi was given to me by a friend back in Denver and while I wouldn’t call it super “flattering”, I love the look. I’ve worn it before on the blog many years ago.
When my friend gave it to me, it seemed a tad low cut in the front, so I just sewed it together above the knot. Plus I did have to shorten it (short girl issues, LOL)

I wore these tan sandals that I found recently at Goodwill. I wouldn’t have bought them except for the Goodwill collaboration I was in, and I’ve been surprised at how much I wear them. Sometimes it’s good to impulse buy instead of overthinking things!!


Even though it was a stay at home day along with no makeup, I believe in wearing my cute clothes. It makes no sense to save them. Save them for what?? Life is passing us by in a flash.

Besides, I have many other reasons for putting on “outfits” every day no matter what. You could consider it dress rehearsal for a day out. Many times while I’m wearing a piece, I will figure out that it’s good for sitting down events or maybe it’s not.
Or I try out new color combinations or shoe choices!!

Speaking of shoe choices, this is a new, comfortable shoe brand called Secra that I’m trying out. They only have two versions right now in black and tan. The funny thing is I don’t usually buy black shoes, yet I really like the black in these sandals.

BTW, this dress is one I won from an Instagram giveaway last fall from Coldesina Designs. You can see the video where I styled it many ways like a one shoulder or off the shoulder dress. Since that video, I did have my mom shorten it. This time I took the extra fabric and tie it to the other shoulder.


I recently purchased this pair of palazzo pants at the thrift store. Why? Because I was looking for a pair that I could transform into a dress. Sound crazy?? Sure, but why not have fun with our clothes??

The advantage of a pair of wide leg pants like these, is how cool they are in the heat. It’s like wearing a maxi dress since it’s not tight and confining.

Since we were staying inside all day, I decided to add in a couple of necklaces. (If we are outside, I tend to forgo necklaces in this heat). The longer one is from Pam Neri as I’m such a fan of her stuff.

I kept the shoes neutral yet wore my blue glasses for more color!! One of the responses on my Instagram stories is how someone is afraid of color. If you feel that way, don’t worry. We have a couple of ideas coming in July to help you out.


Just because I wore this skirt Saturday doesn’t mean I shouldn’t wear it again so soon, right?? It’s actually very comfy because of the spandex in it, and I thought it worked and was fun with the graphic tee. I was commenting on my stories how you don’t see gladiator sandals much anymore. Yet that doesn’t mean you can’t still wear them and look good!!

The second outfit was for my “hot date night” where we celebrated my triple nickels birthday (55.5 years old). The dress was made by my mom out of sari material, and shame on me that I don’t wear it more often!!


It may not be a super colorful outfit, but we are going to explore how to tiptoe into wearing more color. We went out bright and early to take blog photos this morning, and at the same time we visited the Heard Museum.

Since I’ll be explaining this outfit in more detail in a future blog post, I won’t go through everything here. But suffice it to say that it was nice and cool for our 110+ degree day, and I needed a sweater wrap for inside the museum!


Okay so I cheated. I put on my workout wear for all day since we were going to Pilates, and I didn’t feel like changing three times. What do you think of the furry accessory??

Spookie loves to be part of the action. In fact we call her our supervisor. Maybe you remember her in my blog post awhile back?

I’m wearing a pair of capri leggings I purchased from Peach. There is a link you can use here to get $10 off your order, and they have clothes for everyday too.
Oh, I just realized the sweatshirt is Peach too.

Workout wear is one thing I don’t buy regularly, so most of it is from Peach. Although I did just find a couple of things at Kohls the other day.

If you notice stains on the leggings it’s from when our washer stopped working and my clothes spent all day in the wash. I figured since it was in many places, it almost looks intentional. And since I’m not perfect, I feel like my clothes don’t have to be either, haha!

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