Weekly Wrap Up 6.26.21

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Weekly Wrap Up 6.26.21

You know I’m all about a good deal. Therefore I wanted to share this because it’s only good until June 30. If you remember my yellow dress from last week, the company (eShakti) is having an introductory offer where I can give you $50 off with this link. Considering some of the dresses are only $60, this is an amazing deal.
The minimum amount for an order is $25, but it’s still such a good deal (when I ordered another dress, that $25 even included shipping). I mean $25 for a dress you basically get to have altered to your liking? What a deal. And there are pockets (unless you choose not to have them included). 
BTW, they do have tops and pants too in case you don’t wear dresses.
I hope you check out the site, because I think it’s a fabulous option especially if you struggle with alterations or not being able to find a style you like at the stores.


Today’s outfit lasted about half an hour because we went out to take a bunch of photos for some collaborations.

I recently purchased this top/covering (it’s shown more as a jacket) from Naomi & Ruth. It’s an online boutique who is owned by a friend with such a heart for people.
While this isn’t longer sleeve season, sometimes it’s nice to be covered from the sun and the looser fit is appreciated!!

These shoes are another newer brand that concentrates on arch support called Secra Shoes. They only have 2 styles right now and two colors (the black and the tan), but I have to admit, I really like them. Especially this style called the Poppy. While I don’t wear much black, I like the black sandals as a contrast.
jtouchofstyle10 gives you 10% off too!

Then I changed, and changed, and changed again. It was one of those days, LOL!!!

Happy Father’s Day

The blue lace dress is one that used to be my grandmother’s dress. There is a navy slip that is “part” of it, but I decided to try a different item under it.

Here is the dress worn how it was made
and here is the floral “dress” worn before.

This dress is one of those I tend to save for special occasions but I’m trying hard to remember that every day is special. Especially father’s day!!

I added whimsical earrings made by my friend, Judy! Most of my navy earrings seemed too heavy for the outfit, but these are perfect.

And the ankle strap sandals have been converted to velcro straps. I can’t tell you how glad I figured out this trick. (Link to my blog post and video if you want to try it. It’s very easy and makes it easy to put on and take off these types of shoes).


Another easy, breezy outfit for a warm day. I put on this “midi/maxi” skirt (I feel like those terms are subjective) and realized there were a couple of ways to change the length of the skirt. So keep your eyes peeled for a post about it.

I love a one shoulder top. They seem so fun and interesting. Now when I originally bought this top years ago, I was still wearing a traditional bra so I just removed one of the straps.
At this stage of the game, I’ve converted to more comfortable bras (as described in this post). But I decided to see how my traditional bra would work this day. I had to take it off by 10 am because it was so uncomfortable. Obviously I’m not used to that pressure around my chest anymore, so I put on my fashion forms (described here) for the rest of the day.

The sandals are a new pair I found at Kohls which were a great deal and come in a ton of colors/prints.

And my shoulder scraping earrings were made by my friend, Judy!! I think this is a wonderful option with a top like this because a necklace might be strange!


I’m showing both outfits for the day since we went out to dinner and of course I changed clothes. I keep saying that I have cute clothes so I might as well wear them.
My day outfit started with these shorts. I bought them at Target and needed to take in the waist. BUT I screwed up so luckily my mom came to my rescue. Otherwise I was going to have to throw them out.

YET what I really want to point out is how there is no purple in these shorts. Yet I think the purple top works so well with them. It’s the reason that we should try other colors with our pieces instead of always just matching!!
And notice a pearl necklace with the casual shorts!! No reason not to wear the good stuff. BTW, this necklace is from Maison de Camille. It’s a woman owned business started just last year.
And sure, the shoes may be too much, but I have a quote for that. I’ll share it soon!!

The evening dress is preloved. It’s the brand, Candies, which I always think of as a teenager brand. Once again, it’s good to get those preconceived notions out of our head, right?? Notice the scarf tied to the bag in case the restaurant was cold!!


Would it surprise you to know I dressed up to go grocery shopping? Haha. I hope not!
Since I’ve been wearing dresses so much, I wanted to pull out a pair of pants. This silk pair is so lightweight and work great for the heat. Yet the colors are more subdued so it’s hard for me to “match” tops to it. That’s when I try to get creative.

BTW, I wore these pants with other colors as part of my color recipe last summer. This brown “top” is bright and warm so works well with my complexion. Which goes to show there is a shade/variation of every color for everyone!!
I even pulled in some leopard print sandals for a print mixing detail.

The very top photo of this post shows my dad’s high school ring I chose to wear today!!


Now you may think that heels and shorts are silly, but I have my reasons. One is because I think it’s good to switch things up. And second, since I don’t wear heels on our exploring days, I want to make sure that I can still walk in them.

Besides, I just found these distressed shoes at a recent Goodwill trip. So I figured it’s good to try them out!! They are a brand called Richard Tyler and it seems it’s not in business anymore. But I don’t buy things for the brand, I buy them because I like them!!

The jean shorts are a good basic. I like how they are a 5″ inseam. If you have trouble finding the inseam length you like, I have two tips:
1– Cut off your own (or have them altered) You can do this with a pair of pants or capris
2– Try one of the online clothing boxes. This pair is from Fashom and you can request certain details like inseams. (Use this link for $20 to spend on your box)

The bracelet is actually one of my Gibby’s scarves. Since they have so much stretch, it was easy to tie myself. I swear I wear these scarves for everything: around my neck (but not in the hot summer), around my purse handles, and even around my hat and now my wrist!!
If you want to try one, use my link and code so Kim knows that blogging marketing works!!

This top is from my working days. I figure the shorts casualize it wonderfully!!


I almost didn’t include this in the line up since I got dressed for our pilates class.

But I just purchased these bike shorts from Old Navy and I wanted to try them out. I think they are a great option not only for my summer workouts but also to wear under skirts (like I discussed in tips about wearing a shorter skirt and staying modest).

BTW, if you want to try these shorts, I would recommend sizing up. I ordered the size they recommended for me and one up, and I like the bigger size a tad better.

These sneakers are by Aetrex and one of those comfortable shoe companies that’s I’ve introduced on the blog in the past.

Thank You

My goal is to find things that help you with your day, and to bring a smile and kindness to your life.

I hope I say thank you enough because your support allows me to continue this journey which I just LOVE!!!
Supporting a blog can be easy and free. Just visiting my pages, clicking my links (especially for small businesses and sponsored posts) and sharing the things you like on your social media make a huge difference. Spreading the word is how I can reach more wonderful people like you!

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