Weekly Wrap Up 6.5.21

Weekly Wrap Up 6.5.21

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I always try to wear a new purchase basically right away. It’s smart to do this if it’s from a “real” store so you know if you want to keep it or not. Sure, you might have tried it on in the store, but really wearing it for the day tells you so much more.
PLUS if you adore it a ton, maybe you should go back and get another one, LOL

Insider tip: Don’t cut the tag off until you wear it awhile and make sure you’ll keep a new item. Or if you do cut off the tag, at least save it with the receipt.

Anyways, this dress was from my recent thrift store shopping with my friend Melissa. We went to Turnstyle and I saw this Kate Spade dress. I have never owned a Kate Spade anything, but I do know her name. And the quality of this dress is wonderful. The hemline has a beautiful lace trim on the inside, and the “v” in the front has boning in it. None of these things I realized until after I brought it home and wore it all day.

I did have to add some “Jodie” details by wearing my Target belt. For under $20 this belt has already gotten worn many times since it goes with everything.

BTW, I stayed very neutral with the shoes (recently thrifted from Goodwill) but added in some extra print with my leopard cuff bracelet!!


Truthfully, I didn’t keep this outfit on all day. Once I put on the shoes, I realized they just aren’t comfortable. They are a pair I won on Instagram, so at least I didn’t spend my hard earned money on them. But now, I’ll donate them to DSW

Insider tip: Did you know that when you donate your shoes at DSW, you receive points and after 2 donations, you get a $5 reward?

Anyways, after taking a couple of photos, I switched to shorts and my Blowfish sandals!!

BTW, the earrings are Pam Neri’s designs. She has such interesting pieces and they are all lightweight. While she has a website, she also sells her items from Instagram if you’re interested. Just comment on the one you like and she’ll give you the information.


A patriotic outfit for Memorial Day. I bought this star tank at a local boutique last year, and still haven’t gotten around to altering the length of the straps.

Therefore, I layered it over a lace front Halftee. If you haven’t seen the Halftees yet, they are a wonderful way to stay modest without the bulk. I signed up to be an ambassador because I thought they could be extremely helpful to my readers.
Because of this if you go through my link here, you get 20% off or use Jtouch20 to get the discount. These items have a band that ends under your bra so it doesn’t ride up.

I added a flag scarf in my hair (thank you Judy for the scarf) and wore it like a headband. Since it’s silky, I did use 2 bobby pins to keep it in place all day.

I have these Italian Shoemaker sandals in a couple of colors (and so does Lesley). They are an easy slip on sandal where the piece between your toes doesn’t bug you!! Plus they are flats but not too flat.


Maybe you remember I wore this dress recently the beginning of May, but I wanted to wear it for my zoom interview because it’s such a lovely color on me.

Today I added in floral sandals. It’s funny because I think of these sandals as super colorful, yet it’s a good reminder that in the big picture, something may not be as you imagine it. While the sandals are colorful, they certainly aren’t overpoweringly bright since there’s not much material in the first place.

Insider tip: I converted these sandals from a buckle ankle strap to velcro. It’s an easy switch and I made a video to show you how.

Since I was going to be on a zoom call, I made sure my glasses were colorful and fun and so were my earrings!!


This is my P.E.R.F.E.C.T. plane outfit as I described in a past blog post. Sure, I changed up the shoes, jacket, purse and scarf, but the dress is ideal. I think the only disadvantage is I can’t wear my compression socks as easily because they would show. Hmmmm…I’ll have to experiment with that idea next. Luckily for this plane trip, it’s short so I don’t have to worry about my compression socks.


Different background since we are at my stepmom’s place in Denver. It’s warm here but not hot, so I was able to pull out my white jeans again!!

Today we are having a small get together for friends, so I wanted to wear color and something handknitted.

The red top is from my latest Fashom box (post seen here) and the sweater was knit many years ago.

I added in my whimsical Betsey Johnson sandals which are still available at Macy’s!!

I probably won’t wear the scarf all day, but I know I’ll need it at the grocery store, so I let the ends hang down in back so they didn’t cover up the embroidery of the top!!


The advantage of taking photos daily is I get an idea of what combinations I like together.

I wore this outfit recently with white shorts so I thought it’d be great with white jeans for this trip!!

I had originally pulled out a pair of different white jeans to wear with this; however, when I tried everything on before throwing it in the suitcase, I realized the jeans were lower rise and weird with this top. Granted there is still some midriff showing with these jeans, but that’s why I wore a cami underneakth.

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