Weekly Wrap Up 7.10.21

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Well this week wasn’t one of crazy hot temperatures. Of course that’s only because we jumped on a jet plane and ended up in Seattle. All because it’s Catherine’s 60th birthday and we wanted to help celebrate!!! Catherine may seem an unlikely friend for a misfit, introvert like me, but her Midlife Matters group on Facebook is just like her…full of kindness and inspiration.


I was “instructed” to wear yellow today for a celebration photo shoot. You’ll be able to see the three of us soon in all our bright colors.

The shoes are a pair of Walking Cradles I purchased when I was in their fashion show. There is a limited stock left of these, and I wear them a lot in the summer. They are basically like a slipper!!
For the actual blog shoot I switched to some heels. But basically the heels were the same colors so it made it easy.


Happy 4th of July. I’m not sure I love how this outfit came together. But that’s the advantage of clothes. You get a mulligan every day (or heck, you can change right away if you want).

This top was a hand me down from a friend, and I hadn’t worn it in a year since I started my shop my closet experiment. It’s quite long and weird when left hanging, so I used a clear elastic to tie up the ends.

The blue skirt is a dress from Peach and if you go through my link, you can save 10%. Not much of a savings, but I figure every little bit helps. They still have the dress in a couple of sizes on sale. FYI, I think it’s a darker blue in person than on the website.


Another skirt that hasn’t been worn since my backward hangers experiment. Truthfully I struggle with this skirt.
I usually wear it with white or a t-shirt (as seen here). Funny because I’m wearing the same earrings in that post.

The skirt was made by a local designer who I featured on the blog years ago. I love the colors in this skirt and there are little beads on each side. Obviously I can wear it with many colors, but for some reason it’s not always easy for me.

So today I decided to grab a multi colored top that I thrifted last year. I think the top is handmade because there is no tag in it.

The shoes are from Payless….the kids section. They have a velcro closure which inspired me to find a way to convert my ankle strap shoes to velcro.
I show you how to do this easy trick here on YouTube.

I may try to wear this skirt as a swimsuit cover up too. I’m going to have to work on making sure I wear it more in the future.


Funny thing is how I didn’t realize I was in basically the same colorway as yesterday until I put this photo in the post. The difference is the floral top does NOT have any turquoise or blue in it. So what do you think?

The floral top is one from H&M years ago when I was working. I wore it many days under a jacket for work. It came with a self belt which I immediately took off and hung with my other belts. Today I used it through the pants belt loops. Maybe not the most on trendy thing to do, but I like it!

I wanted to try wearing pants to add some variety to my looks this week, but let me just say, they are warmer…LOL!! I almost changed to shorts. But we ended up taking a quick, unexpected trip to Sprouts, so it was nice to be already dressed and ready to go.

As for the heels, I’m trying to wear them occasionally too so I don’t forget how to walk in them.


Heck, I didn’t even put on shoes since I’m scheduled for a zoom workout this morning. The workout is through our Forever Fierce FB group with Kacey Duke (who is somehow a celebrity trainer). I hope she goes easy on us.

Wearing these Old Navy bike shorts again. I have to admit I really like the higher waistband. There aren’t many sizes remaining, but there’s another version here too that are even less expensive.

I bought them in my normal size and a size up (in this lighter pair). While I like the bigger size while hanging out, the legs do tend to creep up more when I’m working out if that makes a difference to you.

I’ll get dressed for real later but I’m not sure I’ll take a photo since I need to get packing for our trip.


So I’ve been trying to use my perfect airplane outfit with other dresses instead of the same one over and over. So I grabbed this shirtdress this time (which I’ve shown 5 different ways to wear it previously).

Why am I gravitating to a dress lately when traveling? I found that they are convenient when going to the bathroom….your pants on pooling on the floor. Silly, maybe, but something I think about.

A couple of my requirements for what I like:
1-Somewhat longer so that sitting doesn’t hike up my skirt too high>
2-Dark or print to hide any stains from spills
3-Stretchy so it isn’t restrictive.

Notice the Walking Cradles shoes because I don’t travel without them! Of course, I am wearing my Sheec no show socks (the best no show socks for me).

I don’t need the jacket in the house, but I may need it in Seattle and definitely in the airport. There’s also a long scarf that I’ll be wearing (which works great as a pillow if I don’t need the warmth).

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