Weekly Wrap Up 7.24.21

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Weekly Wrap Up 7.24.21

Our summer has cooled down considerably. In fact, we’ve had the “Monsoon” that Arizona is known for finally!! Don’t laugh, the last two summers they’ve called it “Nonsoon” since it didn’t happen. And last summer broke all records for the hottest summer ever.


Our morning consisted of trying out the paddle boats here in Sun City. You would never know there’s this great little lake in our community!! It’s a hidden treasure and we found the perfect morning to get a workout on the lake!!


Our Sunday morning started with church and a grocery run to Aldis (they really do have some of the best prices around).

I bought this lace, sheer top at a second hand store last year and just haven’t worn it much. So in the interest of taking advantage of my closet, it will be a theme on the blog soon.

The skirt is part of a suit, and it’s a tad tight! But I decided to wear it anyways.

I added in extra color with the earrings and sandals (although I took flats to walk around in Aldi’s)!!


I titled this: Mixed Prints Monday!! Maybe it should be a thing?

This dress was a sale purchase from a local boutique last summer. It’s funny because when it hangs in my closet, I think of it as longer and more overwhelming. Which is why I thought to add the gingham blouse.

You can see this top with white jeans for the fall in this blog post. It’s originally a 3/4 length sleeve blouse, but I cuffed the sleeves BEFORE putting it on (so much easier that way).

While I do have red sandals, I decided to try a neutral pair of footwear instead. These sandals are the Walking Cradles “Lynn” which also come in a lower version called the “Kerry.”


Happy 61st Birthday to my hubby. So the day is all about what he wants to do.
This midi sweater dress is one I chose to be another qualifier for my perfect airplane outfit. I didn’t love the brown shirt dress I wore on our trip to Seattle (seen on Thursday). But this one will be better because it’s a knit, stretchy and the slits are on the side (BTW, it was on deep discount when I bought it).

The first outfit is how I wore it to lunch for Rob’s birthday. I always need some kind of jacket in most restaurants and this bomber is very lightweight. The Betsey Johnson sandals are fun and whimsical but not comfortable enough for some of the shopping we had planned.
Therefore, I just took some other sandals that will be better for walking (BTW, I have 2 different pairs of these sandals in different colors, and Lesley has 3 pair….they are that great!!)


I will say that I’ve been prone to pulling out the dresses lately, which is why I grabbed shorts today instead.

Switch it up!! It’s something our personal trainer used to tell us ALL THE TIME. I think it’s a good motto for fashion too. Otherwise we tend to look the same all the time.

Have you ever noticed that when you wear something different (whether that’s a dress or different color), that you tend to get more compliments? I think it’s because you’ve switched it up.

I hadn’t worn this green kimono this year yet (I could tell because the hanger was hanging forward) so I thought it would add some sass to a shorts and tee outfit.

BTW, this kimono is from another “young girl’s store” called Maurices. Although it’s not really a young girl’s store– just like Old Navy doesn’t have to be either. Did we convince you this week on the blog??

Insider tip: JUST because a retailer only shows women under 30 as models, does not mean you can’t wear their clothing!! Especially kimonos!!


I’m off to a dermatology appointment today. Thus the jacket in case the office is freezing cold. Nothing like needing a jacket for the inside instead of the outdoors.

This is a dress handed down to me by a friend. I love the sheer overlay and added in my purple sandals (which I made into a velcro closure–video here).

When I go to these types of appointments, I always think about easy on/easy off clothing. I also kept my accessories minimal so they wouldn’t need to be removed or get in the way!!

This jacket was thrifted, but I think it’s an Anthropologie brand. I like how it’s a knit so it doesn’t get wrinkly!


Since you’ll be seeing the “real” outfit on the blog in a couple of weeks, I thought I’d include the change to my pilates outfit.

Our pilates class is a mat class (so we don’t use the machines) and it’s in our retirement community. They bring in a certified instructor twice a week. We have to pay $4 per person, but it’s definitely worth it.

We try to make it once a week on Fridays. The room is well air conditioned, so since it’s cooler this week, I’m wearing long leggings and socks.

These leggings are a pair of reversible ones from Peach. I JUST love the idea of reversible items (the other side is a solid blue). They have “real” clothing too. Their tagline is clothes for the gym, work and play.

If you do check out the site, my link gives you $10.

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