Weekly Wrap Up 7.3.21

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Our week has been somewhat cooler although it is still usually 100+. We woke up Friday morning after having a little rain and the humidity was 40%. And gosh, did we realize how much different it is with the dry heat vs. humidity. So when I say it’s over 100 degrees here, most of the time it’s less than 15% humidity. It’s the difference between a sauna and a steam bath, I guess.


Another day to try the pieces in my closet that I haven’t worn in a year. How do I know if I’ve worn them in a year? Because I’ve been experimenting with turning my hangers backwards after I do wear things.

It’s not that I’ve never worn this tunic. In fact, you can see it here as how I normally wear it (over a solid dress).

But as I was sitting in my closet petting my cat (she loves to visit me when I’m figuring out outfits), I realized that this sheer tunic and this skirt have basically the same colors in it.

So here I am trying out a print under the top. BTW, my mom made my skirt!!!

And then I added in the Secra black sandals (code jtouchofstyle10). I have to admit, I’ve been wearing these quite a bit for everyday since they have arch support and are comfortable.
FYI, I did make the ankle straps velcro. Here’s the video on how to do it.


I had a helper for my first outfit!! Spookie makes any outfit look better, don’t you think? LOL! Anyways, we went out early for some blog photos that are unusual for us!! You’ll see them soon!!
Then we needed to do some grocery shopping, so I changed out the outfit to include more fun and sass!! It only took a minute to switch shoes, add bigger earrings, a bracelet and tie a scarf around my waist (after tucking in the top).


Double camo may not be on your radar, but I’m trying it again. The tank was a recent purchase when I bought the bike shorts from Old Navy. Last time I looked it was only $5 plus it came in solid colors too.
IF you think camo is silly, I felt the same way, yet the more I see it, the more I like it.

The camo shorts I picked up thrifting long ago, and have worn them 5 different ways on the blog.

I added in my favorite Blowfish sandals for even more craziness!! They come in two other colorways and have proven very comfy. More so when I wear them with my Soul Insoles if I’m walking a lot.


Don’t you just love it when the dress you pull out to wear seems to have shrunk in the wash? EEK!! So I decided to layer over the top portion with this striped, linen top. (It also gave me an idea for a blog post…keep your eyes peeled).

I created a “knot” in the front with my favorite elastic bands and then tucked it under. I’m not sure I’m excited about the color combination, but it’s a more subdued look. And since I woke up with a headache, that fit the mood.

Lately when I’ve been having headaches, I’ve been using my Head Harmony Magnesuim spray, which works many times so I don’t need to take an advil. I worked with the company last month to showcase a DIY recipe with their aloe vera gel (which is wonderful because it’s not sticky).
I do have a 10% code, jtouchofstyle10 if you’re interested in anything on their site. Their whole concept is a need for natural products which I appreciate.


This is the dress I just bought from eShakti. I was surprised how fast it was made and delivered and I just love the colors in it. This site offers the ability to change the neckline, sleeve length and hem length.

I went totally matchy matchy with my orange sandals from Steinmart (did you know they are online now?), and earrings from Alison + Aubrey.

Just like I was discussing in the 50th school reunion post, it’s nice to have a dress like this in your closet for many upcoming events. Even if you don’t have an occasion to wear it to yet, you’ll always be ready.
And why not wear it on a normal day?? Every day is a gift and you deserve to look wonderful!


We took a tour of a local candy company called Cerretas. Pictured above is one of their chocolate bars that they use for all of their candies. It’s a special recipe handed down from generation to generation and then made by Guittard. Cerretas is where they assemble and make their barks, brittles, toffees and bars that you can even purchase online.
YES, they even handed out samples, and of course we had to purchase a couple of goodies!!
NO, this doesn’t fit in with our nutritionally dense way of eating, but we do splurge occasionally.


Yes, this is the same dress as Tuesday because I wanted to have a couple of options in case you have a dress that seems a tad tight.
I will say that one reader commented on my IG stories that she didn’t consider this dress too tight to start with.

And I get that. We all see ourselves through our own filter, and we get used to certain looks/styles on us. That’s why I believe it’s good to experiment and try new things. At least with clothes it’s not permanent or dangerous.

I added in orange with my accent colors and am wearing a new pair of glasses from Glassesshop.com. They have amazing prices (because these are progressive AND transitions), especially with my code GSHOT35 for 35% off!!

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