Weekly Wrap Up 7.31.21

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Weekly Wrap Up 7.31.21

Nothing like sharing the good and bad in the up-close photo. I wanted to show the detail in the shirt, but you can also see my no makeup day skin and the crazy curls.

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Today started with this outfit for an afternoon BTS with an acapella group. All 4 of us are going to the concert tonight, so of course, I’ll be changing clothes!!
But for the afternoon, I wore this thrifted jumpsuit. The funny part is when I first bought the strapless jumpsuit, I painstakingly added ribbon as straps (I even used snaps to make them easy to attach), yet here I am wearing it strapless. I just hung the straps on the inside of it. OTS seems so modern to me for some reason.

Insider tip: Yes, I found a comfortable strapless bra that I’ve even purchased twice now. #8 is my all-time favorite.

I showed the cardigan draped over one shoulder because I’m sure I’ll need it at the event.
And I wore a barrette in my short, short hair. Even though I LOVE the idea of hair accessories with pixie cuts as I’ve blogged about, I forget about them many days.
Is it bad to show how thin my hair is with the hair accessories? I think about that yet why hide it. THIN hair is my struggle, yet why not embrace it like I embrace wrinkles??? I have been using a couple of products that seem to make it a tad better. Yet I know I’ll never have really thick hair like some of you.


I chose this sweater dress for church and added the kimono because it’s always chilly in church.
The beret was due to a messy hair day yet I love how it added some personality to the mix (just like I talked about how hats can change the overall look in this post).

This kimono incorporated the yellow of my sandals and the blue of my dress. Since there are slits in it, I tied the front panels and then used an elastic band to create a bubble with each end.
You can see this same kimono belted here with a yellow dress.


Here’s another Monday with the prompt Mixed Print Monday. I was inspired to wear this dress because I saw another woman wearing it recently on Instagram (I love her handle, @sometimesiLookcute).

I was also inspired by my friend, Cammi who decided to wear her son’s shirt as a third piece. Thus this outfit came to be for me.

My hair was an attempt to let it go more naturally with the curls. I can’t quite figure out why I have such a hard time embracing my natural curls. But I’m sure the straightening iron will come out tomorrow, LOL.


Working hard on having variety in my outfits, so I chose shorts today. I really like these shorts because they are voluminous and therefore look more like a skirt.

I bought these shorts from Modcloth a couple of years ago. They have another pair similar here, but I’m sure I waited until they went on deep discount.

Since the shorts are so flowy, I went with a more fitted top. AND YES, I’m wearing my fashion forms for my strapless bra (#8 of my strapless bra post).
The only reason I added the Gibby’s scarf as a tie on the tie in the front (see here for how the shirt looks originally) is that I was too lazy to iron the gingham tie and it looked messy. I figured that the Gibby’s scarf would take the focus off the gingham tie (which is attached).

I didn’t wear the tie belt that came with the shorts since I had the Gibby’s scarf tied at the top. Yet I thought I needed a belt.

Curly hair continued for another day because…..the trend of laziness continues, LOL!!


This morning I was going to an aerial class where you work out with a hammock!! I have a friend on Instagram who has done it, so I thought why not?? If you get my emails, then you saw the proof that I hung upside down!! Next week, I’ll include some photos on Instagram (follow me here).

Yet, I didn’t stay in my workout gear all day. Especially since we wanted to head out to Carrabas for an evening meal. Obviously, I was still in a pink mood with the sandals (the shoes are still available and also in a couple of other colors.)
I bought this dress last winter, and I swear it’s like wearing a nightgown. Of course, I added a jacket over it in case it’s cold inside the restaurant.


I had to get a new phone yesterday because my phone was not charging, so until I figure out all of the new settings, the photos may look a little different. To me, this is darker than normal.

Here’s my variety for the week with another set of shorts. And to think I NEVER wore shorts after I turned 35 until the 50th birthday came around. I was off to a dermatology appointment today, thus the blazer.

Insider tip: A white, lightweight blazer is just as versatile as a kimono or jean jacket in the summer. And since it’s something that may not stay white very long, don’t be afraid to visit the young girls’ stores where they can be found for a deal. I’ve linked to a couple below.
BTW…this jacket was less than $10.

This outfit is an example of using my color recipe (see a post about that here) as I’m wearing a cami color that would be considered a neutral that isn’t in the print. In my opinion, I pull it together with the shoes (which are thrifted no less).
In fact, the white blazer is another neutral that isn’t in the print (because the lighter color in the shorts is actually a light pink).


Today I’m going with my mom to a doctor’s appointment. Just a normal check-up so nothing worrisome.

I wanted to wear my new eShakti dress, and I added a blazer since many professional offices are chilly. The dress is sleeveless (per my request) so good for the hot weather.

I loved the idea of the leopard sandals but these seem awfully dark now that I see the photo. Shockingly I only have one pair of leopard sandals, but I may look for a lighter pair. Maybe with more brown than black.

The pearl necklace is the one I wore recently that is made by a woman I met on Instagram. Her site is called Maison de Camille. This was a gift with no obligations, but I find I like it because it seems more modern than some of my other pearls. I will definitely use it for some layering of necklaces too!

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