Weekly Wrap Up 8.14.21

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Weekly Wrap Up 8.14.21

I apologize that some of my photos seem out of focus. I’m still trying to figure out the right settings on my new phone, and how to get the lighting correct!! Just like in my layering necklaces post this week, I’m still a work in progress!


Since we worked out in the morning, and I didn’t get a photo of my outfit for church, I thought I’d include some of the butterflies from our trip to the Butterfly Wonderland the day before.
Now I know butterflies aren’t super unique. BUT to be out and among them really makes you feel like a kid again. Besides, we were also shown an amazing 3D movie.

The movie is called Flight of the Monarch (and you can even rent it on Amazon, but not in 3D). The Butterfly Wonderland only showed 14 minutes of this movie, but it makes you realize how AMAZING, some creatures are. And the migration by monarch butterflies is something incomprehensible.


Today was all about athletics, I guess. We signed up for a free Barre Class (outside at 8 am, and it was 90 degrees at that time, but it wasn’t as hot as hot yoga).
Then after some computer/blogging work, we took mom and Lesley over to the walking pool and spent some time in the hot tub! It’s exactly what my muscles needed!!

For the outdoor Barre class, I wore my Old Navy biker shorts. There are still some available in different prints but not many. That thing around my neck is not a scarf, but a headband!! I knew I’d need to try to coral the sweat.
At the pool, I wore a 2 piece. My favorite part about 2 pieces? They can be mixed and matched. And that includes tankinis too (which don’t show off the midriff). The top is from Modcloth and the bottoms from Old Navy.

Insider tip: This is usually the time to get swimwear at a bargain sale price.


I just adore these pants. I found them on our recent trip to Zaras. It may seem like a young girl’s store, but just like how we proved with our posts about Old Navy, you can find things that work no matter what your age.

One of the things I love about this pair of (what you might consider crazy) pants is they are cotton and very lightweight.

You may not think to pair a yellow top with this print, yet there is that color in the bottom print in real life. Then again, it’s what I would consider a great contrasting color.

I’m not sure how I’ll style these pants for fall, but I’m ready for the challenge.


Do you notice the same top that I wore yesterday? I only wore it for half the day (because I changed to go to Pilates) so it wasn’t really dirty.
Does anyone else rewear pieces like that? I would rather wear it right away again so I know its history if that makes sense.

BTW, maybe this is the reason you DO need to buy crop tops. Either that or just keep supporting the Halftees (post about them here, or link here).

Anyways, I wore it like a halftee. Even though it has a “knot” in the middle, the dress isn’t that tight, so it seemed fine.

And has anyone else discovered the advantage of cognac footwear? It’s a wonderful neutral that isn’t as “heavy” as black, yet has more color weight than nude or white.


These are the leggings I found at Anthropologie when we went shopping at the young girl’s stores last week. I had no idea that Anthropologie even carried workout stuff and these were only $15 (you can see them on the website for $30, but they were half off in the store.) It’s interesting because they are made from recycled water bottles.

The top was a purchase from Kohls. I like how it’s a top and bra all in one, with some interesting detail in the back.

Can you tell we are going to our aerial class today??


So many of my outfit choices depend on what the day has in store. Since I was off for a massage today, I needed something easy to take on and off…including my shoes.

This is a dress my cousin gave me (a hand me down as we used to say). I love it except the color almost matches my skin. So I think it works best with some kind of contrasting color nearer my face.

Today I chose red, but I think olive green would be great for fall.
These shorter cardigans may not be the trendiest right now, but sometimes I think the right proportions outweigh trendy!


We are off to the art museum today. In my head, going to an artsy place is the perfect reason to dress a tad artsy myself.

This “overskirt” is one that my mom made for me. Yet I don’t wear it often enough. I finally have a couple of silk skirts I could wear under it, so I’m going to push myself to wear it more! (One skirt you saw here in Saturday’s outfit.)

I originally wore this with a white top at one of our FierceCon events (seen here) so I wanted to try a different top this time. You might laugh that this is a workout bra top, yet I think it pairs wonderfully.

And the sandals are because there will be lots of walking in my future.

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