Weekly Wrap Up 8.21.21

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Weekly Wrap Up 8.21.21

Since I tend to wear dresses the most in the hot summers, I have been trying to mix it up. It’s been almost a year since I started hanging my hangers backward, and I’m happy to report that I’ve worn almost ALL of my summer tops and dresses.
BTW, did you notice I had on two different earrings in the top photo? See Monday below for the reason and tell me your favorite.


Do you recognize this “top” from Friday of last week’s post?? It’s really a workout top, and since I only wore it half the day yesterday, I decided to wear it for our free Zoom Yoga (sponsored by AARP and FitPhx). These Old Navy biker shorts have certainly come in handy for our summer workouts (interesting that they are offering them as a 2 pack right now. That’s a great deal).

Then for church, I changed into a maxi dress I had thrifted for a Goodwill collaboration. Our community has free movie nights, so we were off to see Tolkein. Trust me, I had a sweater with me. Want to guess what color the sweater was? It was yellow.


It’s just so easy to put on a dress with the heat especially because lately with the monsoons, it’s been a tad humid too.

I will work on trying to style pants and shorts this week too, but the dresses are the easiest!!

This dress was a hand-me-down from my cousin years ago. I’m wearing a Ruby Ribbon bralette that may not be my most supportive bra, but I wear it in public.
More about Ruby Ribbon in my comfortable bra post.

These Blowfish sandals have been a favorite this summer.


Isn’t this how we sometimes decide what to wear? Try out one on each side?

So I have the yellow sandals and the yellow earring on the left side, and the navy/white shoe with the blue earring on the right side.

Do you prefer the pop of color with the contrasting yellow or the matching blue even though it adds in another print?

This top is one I’ve had for years and it hadn’t been worn yet this summer. I’m trying to alternate and not wear dresses every day, so I grabbed these shorts. And yes, they are velvetish. But they aren’t any hotter than denim.

I actually bought the shorts to wear in the winter with boots and tights, but I am trying to make most of my items seasonless.

I am wearing my fashion forms as a bra since the top has openings in the chains on the straps. (They are #8 in my review of 10 different strapless bras here). BTW, they aren’t always perfect, but they are definitely the most comfortable of all the ones I’ve tried.


Happy National Thrift Store Day!!! Thanks to my friend, Judy who reminded me of this day (and I even wore her bracelet in commemoration).

We are planning on visiting a consignment shop on Friday when we are out taking blog photos with all of us. Since we aren’t planning on shopping today, I wore thrifted pieces instead.

The top was found on our scavenger hunt last year (how we did this found on this post) at Goodwill, and the skirt was found when we were in Flagstaff shooting photos for boots. (Isn’t it funny how we can remember certain events and places with our clothing?)

I wore a bralette (from Ruby Ribbon so it has some support) instead of my strapless bra. I had issues with my fashion forms yesterday (gasp, I’m a little concerned because I love them, but I think it’s because I put oil on after my shower. I hope that’s the only reason why).


Another option for you to give your opinion. I’m dressed for my Airfit aerial class and this top seemed long to me. Does it seem silly to have our workout clothes altered or even think about proportion??

Both of these pieces are from Kohls, where I have found some great deals. You can see from an earlier Weekly Wrap up post that I also bought the matching floral sports top. I may wear them together at some point, but right now I felt it was too much.
I was vacillating whether to keep showing my workout outfits until one friend commented that it was inspiring. PLUS one of these days, I would love to work with a company to show these items on someone other than a 25-year-old. Don’t we all deserve to look great when we work out? Even if it is just walking around the neighborhood.


My husband called me his hippy chick when I came out this morning. Heck, I’ve already been through my professional stage of dress when I was working, so why not try all the other styles now?
I realize the pants are a tad crazy, but they are linen and nice and lightweight for the summers here. I always thought that I could cut off the ruffle and make them capris later.

The red tank is a hand-knit one from ages ago. I usually wear a halftee under it but today I decided to try one of my Peach sports bras because of the fun design in the back.
And the scarf in the hair is because it’s a mess from our workout class yesterday. We plan to go to the pool tonight and then it’s shower time. BTW, the scarf is held in place with bobby pins.
AND LOOK!! No earrings. I decided to take a cue from our blog theme this week and leave them off.


This was more of a “What not to wear” for an upcoming post. We decided to include options for some looks that you will see in a couple of weeks.

Can you guess how I changed it up??

I won’t give you all of the details since you’ll read about it soon, but I will say that skirts and dresses are so much cooler in the hot weather!!

These earrings are from a local company that I found on Instagram called Lil Shop of Ours (I’m linking to their FB page since they only sell off FB and IG). They are all hand-painted and only $12.

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