Weekly Wrap Up 8.28.21

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Weekly Wrap Up 8.28.21

Many days I changed outfits since we finally have been working out more. So not only do you get to see my daily outfits, some of them include 2!!
Now if I could only find some great workout wear companies who want to work with older women. If you have any ideas, I’m all ears because the couple I’ve reached out to, haven’t responded.


I had to show a close-up of the print of this dress. Isn’t it just the cutest?? This was an eShakti dress that I had to have because of the cat print!!
I wouldn’t say it’s the best dress ever. The smocking ends up being heavy, so when I want to wear it off the shoulders, I need a belt so it doesn’t fall down (now, that would be embarrassing). It’s not an issue when the sleeves are on my shoulders. Yet the sleeves stay off the shoulders nicely without the usual trick with hair elastics (which I show in a video on YouTube).

I’m trying out a new kind of strapless bra called Gatherall. I’ll let you know how much I like it.
These rose gold sandals were purchased yesterday from our thrifting trip with mom and Lesley. I added my Soul Insoles since they don’t have arch support.


This wasn’t my favorite outfit, but I like keeping it real and showing that I have “off” days too. The first photo was when we went to our outdoor workout class (I don’t wear sandals in the class). You’d never realize that the shorts and tee weren’t bought together because the orange matches so well.

The pink dress almost matches my skin color, so I was trying to add darker accessories and shoes. Even though we were home for the day, I wanted to wear heels, but I thought they (the 3rd photo) looked too heavy. So I went with the gladiator sandals.
If we were going out, I would change almost everything about this, but since only Rob would be seeing it, I didn’t take the time.

I did wear the Gatherall bra again (from yesterday). Most of my tops that I would need a strapless bra with aren’t fitted and clingy, so I wanted to see how it would look with something clingy. AND I don’t hate it (it’s more of a uniboob but at least there is a lift). I may even like it better than my fashion forms. (Of course the Gatherall is more expensive. BUT I seriously forget I have it on!!) And I know there are always pros and cons to everything, so I will wait longer before I post more about it.


Seems like a dark outfit for me, eh?? My goal is still to wear most things in my closet along with varying between dresses and pants. So this pair of capris seemed like a good idea.

I ended up with this top (which is handknit by the way) because I wanted to wear the sports bra since we are going to Pilates later this afternoon. Then I don’t have to change every piece of clothing.

Most Saturdays on Instagram I share my handknitted items if you’re interested. I LOVE to knit, yet there was a time I didn’t wear them much because they weren’t “in style”. Which is pure silliness.

What makes the outfit special?? There is print mixing with the shoes and my shoulder scraping earrings (made by my friend Judy) which makes it seem fun to me.


We had our aerial class this morning and I considered staying in the outfit all day. However, the leggings are hot and our office is the hottest room of the house.
Therefore, I just changed the bottom half since my workout top looks sorta like a regular top. I wanted a light layer on top but all of my yellow jackets/sweaters are too heavy. Therefore, I tied knots at the end of my pashmina and wore it as a kimono.

Insider tip: I tried to knot the ends at the very ends, but it made the sleeves too long. So I retied them about 6 inches up.

This black skirt is one that I added the fringe myself. I even wrote a post about it years ago if you’re interested.


We are off to a funeral today so I included Rob in my selfie. The funeral is for my friend’s mother, (my friend is JoAnne, who joined me on the blog here), and her mother was 98 years young!

I thought it was a perfect time to wear this maxi skirt that for some reason I don’t style much. If I weren’t going to a funeral, I would have worn bright shoes and accessories, but I decided to keep it more subdued.

The lace sheer top was my choice because it was navy like the skirt, and brought in some extra texture.

Of course, I’ll have a jacket too, and Rob has a sports coat. Don’t you love Rob’s shoes? He has such great taste in clothes nowadays!


We started the day at water aerobics and this suit was inspired by Kellyann!! She had it in black, but of course, I bought the pink version off Amazon. It comes in a myriad of colors and even some prints if you’re interested (and it’s affordable). Now since we are going to continue these classes, we have to research some swim sun guards so I don’t worry about burned shoulders.

For errands, I wanted to try out my new Peach neon top that was purchased with their incredible sale. I was inspired by the colors in the kimono and thought the earrings tied in so well!!


Even though we were going to Pilates, I decided to only show one of my 3 outfits for the day. Why 3? Because after pilates we went off to take blog photos.
This dress is from a company we were going to try out called Miacute. We decided not to work with them because the sizing was off for Lesley and my mom had trouble finding things that would work for her. I do like this dress although I would probably add a belt or necklace if the day wasn’t as hot.

That’s why I added in my Betsey Johnson sandals (which are sold out but this style is still available) and my Audra Style earrings and bracelet for some color.

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